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1. Posted by Drav (Budding Member 9 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone,

I'm flying into Mexico City on the 6th of June and am concerned that because of swine flue there won't be any travellers there, can anyone confirm this?

Shall i get a flight straight out of mexico to Columbia, venezuala or panama?



2. Posted by pelota (Inactive 17 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

oh yes, you'll be the only traveler in Mexico, WATCH OUT AND RUN AWAY ASAP!!!

3. Posted by Drav (Budding Member 9 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!


Thanks for your insightful reply, you appear to be someone of limited intelligence.

Apologies for trying to make my 3 month trip as enjoyable as possible, I'm not worried about catching the flu as i believe it's all been blown out of proportion.

However whilst traveling I went to Bali 6 weeks after the bombings in 2002 and nobody was there which did have an affect on the trip. contains reviews with people mentioning how empty the hostels are in Mexico because of the situation, so I'm trying to obtain further information, I hope thats ok!

4. Posted by garyrbeck (Budding Member 56 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I have been in Puerto Vallarta since 4/1. It has been a real experience and seems to be getting worse. No, not flu, the regulations of the govt and the hysteria on CNN and others. We are all fine here. Visitors are canceling left and right and places are closing laying off 1000's. It is sad and these effects are expected to last for a couple years. People on the low rungs are getting no help and have little money for food and rent. We are trying to spend our pesos at small places and avoiding the huge big pocket places as Sam's, Walmart, Costco and Home Depot. People need our help.

5. Posted by UnMejorHOY (Respected Member 1 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!


I'm from the United States and living here in Mexico. I work at a nonprofit organization in Cuernavaca. As the person who posted before me confirmed...things have been bit dead here. Most people are cancelling their trips, unfortunately. Schools are back in session, and Mexicans are back at work - museums and restaurants and everything are opening up again, so things are coming back to life. It depends what you're looking for here - if you're looking to meet up with other travellers, you might want to find people before you come. If you want to do volunteer work, you should come here! (check out our profile page!) You shouldn't be worried about the flu - take the same health-safety measures as you would anywhere else in the wolrd now. As long as museums and the places you planned on visiting are opened, you should stay entertained enough. There's plenty to see here. And I don't know about you but I come to Mexico to meet Mexicans...not other foreigners! But there will always be people here coming and going. Your best bet would be to check the news in a week or two and makes sure that the museums and archeological sites are open in all of the states you want to go to. Also, for example, the person who wrote before me is in Puerto Vallarta which is a more touristy place. Other places in Mexico, especially in central Mexico, won't be suffering so obviously from the lack of tourists. Do you have a planned itinerary? Plus, other countries on your trip might be under the same health precautions. Hope this answered your question...


6. Posted by Drav (Budding Member 9 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

many thanks for your advice Cindy & Gary,

my flight to Mexico can't be changed so i think I shall get down to the coast to do a language course and see how things go from there, i can always fly to guatemala from cancun


7. Posted by taki (Full Member 132 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!


Yes, I agree with all

things are slow but are going on

there is nothing you should worry about

I live in playa del carmen
and things are ok here

yes many places preferred to close or stop for some time considering there was a worldwide scandal going on

but especially if you can not change your flight there is plenty to do and fortunately with other people

dont check the international news only also check for local news so you can see how things are more than available, open and ready at your service!!

good luck


8. Posted by garyrbeck (Budding Member 56 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Taka, excellent post and what you write could be said almost to the T here in Puerto Vallarta. The scare has subsided but the cruise ships are not back and some airlines have not returned to a good amount of planes. A lady I dined with tonight said her US Air flight from Phoenix was nearly packed today! Some shops closed for a few weeks, as did some hotels esp. the ones with multi-branches, consolidating. But we are fortunate that our annual restaurant festival runs from 5/15-31 with many of us, like me - a reviewer, being here to sample dishes from the upper eschelon spots at reduced rates!

9. Posted by laurim (Respected Member 260 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I'm going to Cancun for a few days at the end of June. When the flu first hit, the travel agency I used cancelled my hotel reservation without even asking me. Turned out to be for the best because I just made a new reservation for another all-inclusive at almost half the price. $384 total for 4 nights and including the airport transfer! People should really be taking advantage of the low prices while they last. They'll get a lower-cost vacation and the people in Mexico will get back to working again.

10. Posted by The Julies (Budding Member 7 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hey! I'm going travelling in 2 weeks and will be in mexico in July - People have told me to cancel it but i want to go there, so i'm willing to take a chance!