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So here goes. I’m mulling over ideas on travelling for around 6 months or more as soon as I can get the funds together. I’m waiting to finish uni in the next few weeks and then go back to working full time over the summer. I have a few thousand set aside, but I’m planning on working where possible to replenish funds on route. Sensibly I’m thinking setting off in October.

Here’s where I need some advice. I’m planning on being in Victoria, Australia for a few weeks around Christmas as I have family there who are yet to have any of us in the UK to travel to see them, but don’t want to simply fly straight to Oz so would like to visit India for a month or so on route, then maybe parts of China and Hong Kong before travelling south, spending time in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore before heading for Oz.

I don’t want to plan things too much as it will just mean more time thinking about it rather than doing it. But I would like some ideas of where to visit in India, where would be a good place to start? And what would be a good route through China? (I was considering Nepal but I’m not sure with the weather towards the end of the year). I’m travelling on my own so only really need a rough idea, as I’ll take it as it comes, meet other people and share ideas whilst on route.

From Oz I will more than likely continue onto New Zealand, a few Pacific Islands if possible before Hawaii, the USA (west to east), before crossing back over the Atlantic home sometime next summer. I have decided to leave Europe and North Africa for another dedicated trip and the same with Latin America (initially I was going to do the same with China due to the size and diversity).

How though, could I incorporate Japan whilst in Asia? I’m concerned again with weather there at the end of the calendar year if I leave it too late?

On another note I was considering doing a TEFL course in June as back up for working in Asia, but although I achieved good (high school) grades in English, my spelling isn’t the best and don’t know whether it would really be worth it considering the expense?

Again, this is only a rough idea, I don’t really have a set amount of time, just to head generally in one direction to make it as economically sensible as I can (I’ve ended up backtracking in the past). I have nothing tying me down so I'm generaly looking to see as much as I can, meet new people, and have some fun!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.