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11. Posted by NinjaSmurf (Budding Member 29 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Perth is really nice. Actually, out of the capital cities in the Australia (Darwin is the only one I haven't been to), I think Melbourne and Perth are my favourite.

Just on general living for families, I'd probably be looking at Perth, Canberra or Melbourne, just because they're smaller, cheaper and so, much more family friendly than Sydney.

Sydney is okay to live in if you're outgoing and single or if you're extremely wealthy if you're a family. The nice parts of Sydney are the wealthy parts, like Bondi. Sure its okay to visit, because only really see the nicer, wealthy parts of the city when you visit Sydney. But there is much more crime there (I actually have friend who was shot there and another one who was bashed and now is slightly disabled from it - this was race related too).

Perth is not too big and not to small. The people there are friendly and it has beautiful parks, a great vibe, lots of nice cafes and restaurants and really beautiful and interesting surrounds. The only real problem with Perth is that it is so far away from everywhere else. But you'll also have to follow up with the housing prices there, as all I know on this aspect is that it's meant to be cheaper than Sydney and Canberra.

Canberra is very spread out and there are lots of nature reserves about, so there is lots of space for kids to run around. Canberra also has the highest proportion of restaurants/cafes per capita in Australia.

Melbourne has a very European city feel to it, with lots of museums and cafes, but it has a very family friendly vibe about it - when you walk around the streets in the centre of town late on Friday or Saturday nights, you see many families walking around too, enjoying their time and being out together.

As you know, the final decision is yours and all we can do is give you our advice from our own personal experiences of these places.

I hope it all goes well for the both of you!

12. Posted by steff (Travel Guru 1162 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Personally, I would always chose Melbourne over the other cities, because
it has a great cultural life
Melbournians are friendly and relaxed
quality of life is high
rent is affordable
it somehow reminds me of a European city with a rich cultural background (very opposite to Cool Paul's perception that it was like any American city)
and Victoria is one of my favourite states in Australia (Wilson's Prom, Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island, etc.)
fair enough the weather is unpredictable, but you get used to it.

Sydney is a nice city too, but for living I much prefered Melbourne, because
it seemed harder to find a job in Sydney (not sure about IT though)
Sydney-Siders seemed less welcoming than Melbournians
Sights are beautiful, but I hardly go sight-seeing when I live in a city
Sydney all in all had a faster pace of life than Melbourne too me.

As for Canberra. Just one word. BORING.
Perth is slightly less boring, but too secluded from everywhere else.
Probably a safe environment to grow up for a child and weather is great most of the time.
Then again, it's no where near as interesting as Sydney or Melbourne.

13. Posted by PilMigrant (Budding Member 2 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Hi, NinjaSmurf/steff

Thanks a lot for your comments. I hope to make the right decision. Have a nice day!!

14. Posted by Lane Cove (Budding Member 53 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

NinjaSmurf hasn't spent much time in Sydney if she thinks Bondi is the nicest place in town!:)
Get a local to show you around next time.
On the rivalry aspect, I don't have a problem with Melbourne at all. But Sydney is where I was born and bred.
I think the comment about homeless people on every corner is a bit rich (over the top) though.
Sydney has the diversity of any great city. You look for it: you'll find it. It's here. Same as Melbourne no doubt.

One important fact about Sydney, and any large city. Sydney covers a large area geographically and it has a number of areas with different socio-economic demographics.
Obviously this effects an individuals experience.
The more West and outer South-West you head the younger the families are, as a rule. Lower mean incomes, lower housing costs. The edge of the metropolitain area is about 60 kms from the city.
The city expands as the demand for affordable housing continues to grow.

Sydney, around the harbour, or close to the coast can experience a significant lower temperature during the day.
The city area might have a top temperature of 28 degrees yet an outer western suburb may reach 38 degrees at the same time. And the overnight temperature might be 5 degrees warmer in the city.

Rain. Apparently Sydney has more rain on average over a year than Melbourne. But just about everyone would describe Melbourne as being wetter. The reason? When it rains in Sydney it buckets down and then stops. And it rains more during the night.
It seems that when it rains in Melbourne it rains for longer periods. But not as heavily as in Sydney.
Therefore Melbourne appears to be a wetter place to live.

Very difficult for you to decide which city to move to if you haven't seen any of them.
And the income figures quoted earlier in this thread were per annum figures not monthly. Sorry dude!

Good luck.

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15. Posted by mj.hanif (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

i am planning to shift to canberra for my master in ANU university but i have no idea how is canberra city. Will it be amazing or boring to live there. How is the city look like, will there be job opportunities for me to work part time easily. Compare with melbourne, in RMIT university which is in no camparison with ANU university.

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