Weather in July in Argentina and Brazil?

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I'm hoping to go to either Argentina or Brazil for 3 weeks in July. What can I expect weather-wise during this time. Is there any particular location which is warmest at this time? ie North/South Brazil or Argentina.

Failing this would someone recommend anywhere else in South America at this time of year.

Thanks a mill

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South America is quite big and as a result, there are huge differences regarding the weather. The Brazilian Amazon for example has its dry season from June onwards, so that is a good place to visit.
More to the south it becomes (much) cooler and temperatures below zero (although not common for days on end) are possible in the south of Brazil, near Uruguay. I had a day of only 10 degrees at the Iguazu Falls during late June last that was pretty cold and totally unexpected to be honest.
Northern Argentina and Chile are quite ok during these months and although also here it can become a little cold at night, it is usually nicely warm during the day.
Actually, Bolivia and southern Peru are quite comfortable during this time as well. Colder compared to other months, but it is sunny and dry, perfect weather to travel across the altiplano in Bolivia to Cuzco for example.

Patagonia is cold during these months, not a good time to visit.
Not sure about northern South America like Colombia, Venezuela and the Guyana's. Maybe someone else?


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If you are thinking of Brazil, the northeast is an excellent place to get some beach weather in July, in Pernambuco, Ceara or further north. (The south will be chilly.) There are lots of gorgeous beaches along that coast.

You might also get some clear sightseeing weather in Rio to visit the viewpoints. (See for an overview of the city.)

July is an excellent time to explore, and swim in, the lakes formed by rain in the spectacular white dunes of the Parque Lencois in Maranhao state, and to explore the historic Reviver city center of the capital Sao Luis (a U.N. World Heritage cultural patrimony site), visit the lace-making demonstarations in the fishing community of Raposa (great high-quality artisanal souvenirs !), and take a boat ride to the picturesque village of Alcantara.


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I live in São Paulo and July is cold. The avergae temp is 10-12C and near freezing at night. The more south you go, the colder it gets. I was in Buenos Aires 2 years ago and it snowed ( first time in 54 years) and Mendoza to San Luiz state also snows. But in Cordoba, it was 32C. In Mendoza, it snowed one night, 2 days later it was 28C. As for Brasil, its the dry season ( well, drier than normal). Expect cold temps in SP, SC, RS and PR states. Rio is as cold but can get to 6C at night. Hope this helps. Oh, Venezuela has rain, but not Margarita Island. Was the last August and had 8 dyas of perfect weather but in Caracas it rained in the afternoon everyday.

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both of those countries r very large. They cover nearly the entire Eastern seaboard of S. America. I would suggest searching the city you are staying in on and finding the yearly rainfall average temp etc.. all that info cn be easily found on there.
have fun!