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I wondered if any of you drove the part between Adelaide and Perth. Anything worth while to see and do. Is it necessary to book acommodations before leaving?

Thanks a lot!

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Nullarbor is worth to see. Done it three times :)
There is lots of "nothing", but it is pretty amazing the colours are beautiful and the night sky unbelievable. Be prepared it is very looong drive and not much out there except a few roadhouses that are normally marked on maps.
We slept mostly in a car, but didn't book and still managed to get rooms when we wanted ( have done this height of a summer, autumn and spring). Petrol is obviously ridiculously priced as there is no competion.
But yes do it, it is an experience and a half...

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The area of coastline in south western Australia is amazing, very beautiful beaches and the lookout trees in Gloucester are fantastic and you're able to climb right up into the canopy.

The actual trip across the nullarbor is interesting and I highly recommend doing it at least once, if you're going to be camping you get an AMAZING sunset and moonrise near the cliffs at any of the lookouts along the road. It's worth visiting Head of Bight to check out the whales if it's the right season.

Accomodation is far between, most road houses offer a camping area and some form of hotel service. I doubt if you have to book in advance.

I have some photos of the trip from Perth across the nullarbor, check out my pictures and have fun!

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Thanks a lot for the replies.

I had a look at your photos Tim, not only the ones from the West and Nullarbor, but also the rest: it seems that you have actually driven along most roads in the continent haven't you.

Still in doubt about how to use the 4-5 weeks that we have if we go down under. We did Melbourne-Darwin already and spend a week afterwards in Queensland (based at Port Douglas).

Now we are thinking either Sydney - Perth, or even only Adelaide - Perth (with some more time in the southwest), or do a circuit from Perth, along the coast up north and back through the interior.
What would your choice be?


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Hmm depends on the time of year you're coming, I reckon if you're coming from dec-feb going south from Perth would be the best option to avoid the wet up north. It'll be hot crossing the nullarbor and in Adelaide and Melbourne but at least it is unlikely to flood. If you're coming from jun-aug then I'd go up the coast from Perth, I've always wanted to check out the Ningaloo reef and Karijini national park and up in the Kimberleys there are some amazing things to see, if you've already travelled through the centre then you could fly out of Darwin. Any time in between and you could toss a coin to choose which way to go.

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Also along the nullabor is whale watching (June-November I think?). You simply pull off the road and there is a venue from which to view. It is definately worth a stop. We saw in excess of 50 whales with their calves, and a truly beautiful view.

In summer, camping or sleeping in the car is theway to go. Can get cold at night, but nothing below 0*.

Be aware that food is scarce....you can get a few roadhouses that sell disgusting food at high prices. Avoid the roadhouse at the border at all costs. Their fuel is twice the price of everyone else, their food is too. Try Ceduna, but watch the local indigenous folk, or if you have time visit Streaky Bay (60km out of the way) awesome little town notorious for sharks. Be a good place to spend a night (cheap accom/ decent food).

When you get past WA border there is a good little roadhouse (Bullabulling I think) that serves okay food. The place looks like a dump, but sit in the diner....had the best meal of the whole trip ad cost about the same as a $20 takeaway burger!

Also.....many places only serve food at certain times. Try to hit them around 5pm or you may only find yourself with a 3 day old cheese sausage for $6.50

Also Norseman roadhouse is quite good. They have showers there, and it is popular with the truckdrivers that do that route. The food there is also good with restaurant and specials.

I would attempt to camp at least the nullabor. You just pull off the road and find a spot. Waking to the rising sun in the East is one of the highlights....truely magical.

One more thing, driving at night can be dangerous (wildlife). You are okay until you cross the WA border. Once you get into WA I would use caution. I have driven that road hundreds of times and have seen some pretty bad accidents. There are BIG roos there (6ft tall) and wild camels. I have seen what happens to a car that hits a camel....be safe, just drive that part in the day unless you are in a truck.

Have fun

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come to WA!!
south west is great i would def recommend it... esperance is supposed to be beautiful too! never been there though...

north is nice too, in the summer and winter. its a bit hot north of perth, but when i say north i dont mean really far north.. its nice even just to go as far as geraldton. but if i had the choice i would go south...

weve been inland to kalgoorlie, to lake ballard (WORTH IT!), then down to wave rock which was quite cool too... its nice to go out of kalgoorlie becuase of the remoteness and all the orange dirt that ppl arent used to... oh yeah ora banda was pretty cool too! it was a gold mining town which is pretty dead now, and it got bombed by some bikies a while ago... cool story anyway.

but if youre herethen ill be happy to show you around!!