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What is the real deal about the SARS disease that is so rapidly spreading in my home city in Canada? It originated in China, where I am now, does anyone know many details? I'm in the north but I have to travel back down south to catch a plane, hmmm....also, where are the must see places up north, other than Beijing and the great wall, i have almost a month to be free and explore ;)

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Hi Nicole,

Have you checked the homepage of WHO, their most recent update is from today. This is a short extract of that update: "WHO epidemiologists are considering the possibility that bodily secretions containing the causative virus might somehow enter common systems that link rooms or flats together. This pattern of spread would be in addition to the well-documented face-to-face contact that has been seen in the majority of cases reported so far." It's pretty scary if this is the case.

Hope you'll stay sound and well and happy travel, can't help you at all on what to see and do in China, so far haven't been there.


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Whatever you do, stay out of Amoy Garden Estate in Hong Kong! My goodness, a whole section of that building has been quarantined for more than a week!

Never been to China, just to Hong Kong (thank goodness that was 6 months ago!) so sorry, can't help you there... there are some Travel Helpers for China though; try a couple of them

Cheers and happy and safe travels!