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Two-city trip to Europe for person w/ bad back. Suggestions?

Travel Forums Europe Two-city trip to Europe for person w/ bad back. Suggestions?

1. Posted by stinagal81 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

It is like pulling teeth trying to get my hubby to travel since he spent some time in Chile and Mexico, and he got extremely sick. Since that has been his only experience out of the U.S., he believes any out-of-U.S. experience will make him sick. The other thing is that he has a really bad back and is afraid he will be miserable going anywhere.

I have traveled quite a bit and really want him to experience the goodness of Europe! So... I'm thinking a 10-day trip where we spend a good amount of time in 2 different cities. I'm thinking Paris and then one beach city in any other country... and an easy place to be a tourist and get around easily. Any ideas?

I'd also love ANY tips on keeping him comfortable on this trip with his bad back. Anyone traveled to Europe from U.S. with a really bad back? He usually only stays in Marriott hotels because those are the most comfortable on his back. I'd love any other tips and ideas!! We will probably go in Aug/September.


2. Posted by Buzzcock (Full Member 178 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Well I suppose not somewhere with cobbled streets. If you are going to visit France I'd suggest that the Cote d'Azur is nice in September and there are good local rail services connecting all the major coastal towns: St Raphael, Cannes, Antibes, Nice, Menton and Ventimiglia just across the Italian border. The whole area is pretty much tourist-oriented and you won't have a problem if your French is only basic as they are used to Anglophone tourists. You can get there and back from Paris by high-speed train (TGV).

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3. Posted by OHannemari (Budding Member 44 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Hi stinagal81

Paris would be a good city to go to because it is not that hilly but I want to warn you. I usually book quite cheap hotels when going there and although they are always clean the rooms have never been big and the beds not that comfortable. Be prepared to put down quite an amount of money if you want a more comfortable place for you and your husband to go.
Another way to get a more comfortable place to stay is to book an apartment instead of a hotel. You usually have more space, better beds and if your husband needs a break it is much better to sit on the couch in your own apartment then in a hotel room where you are lucky even to have a wooden chair to sit on. It might not seem the cheapest way to stay but it does not have to be that expensive and might be worth the comfort you get back for it. Just have a look around the internet there are plenty of websites of apartment agencies and private rentals around.

The south of Europe during Aug/Sep could get really hot and humid (Paris as well for that matter) so be prepared for that. If you want to visit another country next to France you could choose to go to Spain. It is a short travel (more comfortable for your husband) and there are more then enough beachtowns to be found. You could consider Tarragona or Sitges which are both near Barcelona so you could take a daytrip to that city.

The Algarve in Portugal is really nice as well!


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