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Hi All!

I will be going on my honeymoon this December-January....I was earlier thinking of going to Greece but checked the net and found out that the weather there will be pretty cold during that time of the year....the other options that I may consider going to are Portugal and Spain.....even for Greece it is still not a "no"....can anyone please tell me what will be the weather in all these three countries during my planned travel period.....I dont have any idea about where to go in these countries as well....but I guess we will be mainly going to the beaches for our if we can get to know what will be the weather in the coastal areas of these countries then that will be great!

Thanks again!


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I've done all 3 in winter - and it was definately Greece for the hot-spot. Sevilla in Spain is always the warmest town in Dec-Jan. and Southern Portugal was endlessly windy. When we're talking Greece here, it has to be the Southern part at this time of year. It'll still be woollie sweaters after sun-down though. If you're into Spain - have you considered The Canary Islands?? They're truly Spanish (away from the lager louts) and the weather is hot there all year round.

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Yes, The Canary Islands are the only places in Europe at that time of year that you can guarantee beach weather. But be very careful when booking there, there are a LOT of lager louts and some disgusting places that you should stay away from (Playa de Las Americas in Tenerife for one). Just do a lot of research and find the nice places there. If you find anywhere really cheap, it will be bad, so don't think you have found a bargain as it won't be worth it.

i'm just puting a footnote edit here as I realise that I made the islands out to be really bad, they are not, most of them are lovely, but just stay away from the bad areas. Have a great Honeymoon wherever you decide to go

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You should know that in Greece at that period you want to go usually snowing even in Crete sometimes. On January there is some sunny days called Alkionides days but the temperature is about 18 degrees

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Hmm, Beach weather in Europe in December can’t think of a truly beach honeymoon spot at this time of year. you may be better looking for a white winter wonderland . Snow and log fires to snuggle bye.
I would head for a beach Island location and skip Europe and head to Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji ,Bali ,Maldives anywhere in Australia or in the tropics near the equator. Don’t know what the weather likes in Cuba but may be that corner of to world would be nice too.
You may find that the Greek Islands may be hard to get around lots tend to be very quite this time off year with a lot of places closed. I think the same goes for coastal regions in Spain.
May I be so rude and get you to rethink what you want out off your honeymoon location or rethink location.