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1. Posted by cincodias (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I'm a 20 y/o female student from the UK, whose travel plans have been cancelled and I'm looking for people to travel around western Europe with this summer (can't really afford flights any further afield, but am open to suggestions).

I have a flight booked already to Nice on 24th June, but am happy to forfeit the cost of the ticket and go anywhere as long as it's with someone!
I know the idea of western Europe doesn't sound terribly exciting, but I reckon a lot of us haven't properly travelled around places like France and Spain anyway.

I can travel any time from late June and would ideally like to go for a month or more.
I'm well travelled and fun-loving and am looking for a similar travel buddy...sense of humour an absolute must! Let me know what you think.

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Nice-the place; darn! that would have been an awesome city to see. Im guessing thats in France right? I just looked at a map and it said France. im sorry, im american and my geography is just horrible.
So Spain, what about Portugal. Its next to spain and even way way better :P plus suuuper cheap, see 2 perfect reasons on why you should go. i can think of 1 million reasons but im sure 2 is good enough for now =)

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I'm looking to travel in August--Spain, Portugal, Morocco, London, Germany, Austria...I'm all for the big cities of Western Europe and I'd be glad just seeing another country. I'm 19, studying in Paris for a semester and I need to see more of Europe so find me in Paris!


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Just throwing this out there but I´m travelling all over Europe for a year, started in London on the first of May, went to Anglet in Biarritz (South of France) then to San Sebastian, Barcelona, Pamplona (San Fermin for the bull run) and tomorrow I´m taking a week to get to Paris via Perpignan, Narbonne/Carcassonne (Maybe Toulouse to catch a train to Nice).

Woops, just noticed you´re talking about the 24th onwards. Well I´ll be in Switzerland on the 23rd until the 28th of June, then I´m free from there onwards. My plan was to hit Italy, Sicilly, Greece etc for about 3 weeks before heading to Valencia for La Tomatina.
I may have a friend travelling with me also who I´m meeting in Switzerland, we´re both Aussies, Male, 20/21.

I love travelling by myself, but I also love some company, key point here would be I love travelling I suppose haha.

Let us kno :)