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Survery question... Quick Response Appreciated!!

Travel Forums Off Topic Survery question... Quick Response Appreciated!!

1. Posted by leahrb (Full Member 209 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I'm supposed to informally interview a few people for a class for school, unfortunately most of the students on campus have similar ideas about things and so I wanted to try to get varied thoughts/ideas. And what better a place than a travel forum? It's not necessary to specificaly answer every question any random thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.

What aspects of life are determined by heredity and which by environment?
What parts of ourselves are determined/ created/ controlled individually and what parts are more difficult to control?
Are we a product of heredity or environment?
Describe what you have read about cloning and your thoughts on it.

Thank you!!!

2. Posted by mtlchica (Respected Member 922 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Ok I'll try my best.....all for the sake of education :)

1. I think the only things determined by heredity would be physical appearence (I have my mom's eyes and my dad's nose) and biological make-up (diabetes runs in my family, so I should be careful - not to say that I will get it, but it's in my genes). I think a person's personality and the way they react to situations depends on what they perceive their environment to be. I don't believe that it's their actual envirnoment because you can see families of four or five children with all all four or five kids having different personality traits (shy, outgoing, etc, etc). When I was younger I was extremely shy...something which I believe to have stemmed from being an only child and not socialized with children my age much. Now, as I have gotten older I'm the complete opposite because I chose to integrate with both my peers and others to get over my insecurities.

2. This is a tough one. I could easily say that personal style is created and easily controlled (the way we carry oursleves to the way were wear or hair and clothes), but I believe there is much more to humans than that. We control our personalities. Some days I may feel icky so I'll choose to show my true emotions and be a grouch. Other days I'll suck it up and smile and pretend like nothing is wrong. I guess it depends on the specific situation you're in. It's easier to be moody at home than work. Now if we're not only talking psyche, I find health is hard to control. A person may be doing all the right things - going to the gym, eating well, etc, etc - but still get cancer. And then that is controlled (since there is no cure) by various treatments.

3. As I said before in my first answer, I think physically and biologically we're a product of heredity. Personality-wise we are a product of environment. There are also some physical traits that can be connected to environment, however, I come from mediterranean descent, so I have olive skin (which has a higher - for lack of better term - resistance to the sun than let's say, someone of Irish decent).

4. I haven't read much on cloning, so I can't answer this question with any scientific background or anything. What I can say is that from what I have heard/read, I believe cloning and stem cell research is important to scientific research. Now if we're going to go to the extreme, I don't think humans sound be cloned for fear of ending up like a science fiction movie that goes straight to video :)

I hope I helped and sorry in advance for the typos if any, I'm sleepy and didn't feel like reading it over!

Katie ;)

3. Posted by mtlchica (Respected Member 922 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

k, I re-read that and realised I wasn't to clear on many things but one in particular......

In question two, what I'm trying to say is that we control our superficial aspects to our personalities easier than our actual feelings, because you can't help how you feel (from my example).

K ;)

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 6419 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hey Leah,

Here's my answers

1. I think appearances and certain fundamental character traits are hereditary. ie.. stubborness, shyness, mood, etc..
2. All of this can be controlled to some extent.. I mean, people seem to control their appearance all the time these days (nose job here, nip & tuck there, hair colouring). Personality traits can be controlled to some extent, but again there are certain things that aren't so easy to control (just like some parts of your appearance aren't as easy to control - like the colour of your skin).
3. Both. In small kids you can tell how siblings, although brought up in the same environment, can be vastly different. I think environment teaches people to be polite/ understanding /considerate.. most of the rest is hereditary.
4. Haven't read much. I think cloning humans would be crazy and stupid and I hope that it never gets to that. That said, there's a lot of crazy stupid people in power these days, so anything could happen in the name of 'security'. Stem cell research seems ok if done carefully - hopefully scientists can solve a few diseases along the way. I'm sure they will hold people ransom with prohibitive costs though

Hope it helps. :)


5. Posted by travelover (Respected Member 494 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hey Leah!

Interesting survey indeed!

1. Like Katie and Peter said, I think the physical and biological (DNA) is hereditary. But some personality traits are a mix of hereditary and environment. Here's the explanation. Children sometimes inherit their parents' traits, like patience, temper, sense of humour. Some people would argue that, had the same children been adopted, they would be different but that is proven that it's not necessarily the case. It's been seen in twins separated at birth that later on in life, they resemble one another personality wise as well. Also, you might see that two people who find themselves in the same environment while growing up will come out differently, due to fundamental personality traits that were not necessarily taught to them. So true, our manners and such might be a product of our environment, but certain aspects of our personality are hereditary.

2. I think, like Peter said, that most of who and what we are can be controlled. Like Katie mentionned, we can't control our lives completely (ex. cancer in a fit person). But if people learn to control our subconscious by trying to shut out negativity, they will see how much they can truly control about themselves. True sometimes it's good therapy to just go with your feelings and moods, but the subconscious can control a lot.

3. Both.

4. I've read that cloning, although good for research, depends on the original specimen. The age and health of the original will be passed on to the clone. My thoughts are positive for research but not for general cloning of societies and whatnot that they show in the movies !

Hope that helped!


6. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

1. What aspects of life are determined by heredity and which by environment?

Biology, certainly, is hereditary. But I think sometimes behavior is, too - especially when you see certain behaviour so clearly in very young children (very shy, very anxious, very hyper, etc.).

On the whole, I think your environment determines your reactions to things - you learn what to say, and when, and how to act in any given situation (at an interview or at a bar, say). You also learn those intricate reactions, like a control mechanism you barely even know you have. You won't cry in a meeting, or scream at your boss, even though instinct tells you it's the thing that wil make you feel a lot better. Well, for the moment anyway.

2. What parts of ourselves are determined/ created/ controlled individually and what parts are more difficult to control?

Not controled: How you feel.

Controlled: What you do about it. (And that's where all the messing up comes in!)

3. Are we a product of heredity or environment?

Both, definitely. I don't think we can honestly say where one ends and the other begins.

4. Describe what you have read about cloning and your thoughts on it.

I haven't read much, either. I'm just left with the impression that it's a slippery slope. What I think? That's tough. I can't imagine ever wanting another "me" out there, a perfect match in every way. That's just too... unnatural and, somehow, unfair. But if I had a child whose life depended on the cells of its exact equivalent - who knows? It's hard to say until you get there.

7. Posted by leahrb (Full Member 209 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the replies!!

I don't need anymore responses for my class. Unless anyone feels like continuing the discussion for fun!

In my opinion heredity and environment are so intertwined that it is extremely difficult to diferentiate between the two.