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My plan is to arrive in Buenos Aires July 13, maybe visit Rio and surrounding areas then go to Iguassu Falls and make my way over to Bolivia and then Peru. Maybe finishing in Peru end of September.
Does anyone want a travel buddy? The only parts of my trip set in stone is my arrival date in BA and that I am doing the inca trail on Sept 5th. The rest is see-what-happens! At the end of September I may do a month or two in Central America especially Guatemala. Nothing sounds cooler to me than ancient pyramids in the middle of jungle! Things I'm interested in are jungles, animals, Machu Piccu etc, ancient civilisations, Margueritas, beaches, different cultures, the Amazon, volcanoes etc etc.
If you are interested let me know. I'd love to meet up with some fellow adventurers! Travelling is so much more fun when you can share it with someone else, and it can be safer and cheaper.
My name is Claire, send me a message if you're also looking for a travel buddy. :)

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I am not looking for a traveler buddy or perhaps for August cause I'm going back where I'm from during that time and I am literally thinking of going to Guatemala. yes seeing those pyramids is breathtaking. I have seen the one in Palenque, chiapas, uxmal, and chichen and a few more and I was have a great experience. Just seeing what the Mayans did is so incredible..... but yes I totally recommend you in going to Guatemala if you love being in the Wild and seeing a completely different culture and moreover delicious food as well. :)

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Hey Clare

We are arriving in BA on 28 june and will be travelling round south america untill November. We have booked the inka trail for end of sep. Our plans are very flexible - my bro lives in Salta, so we're heading up that way after BA. We might be able to hook up a bit of a plan with ya. My brother is just starting an adventure tourism company in salta - check out these web sites:

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What part of NZ are you in?

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Hi Clare,
I currently live in Lima, and I'll be in BA at the end of July so probably that's too late for you... In anycase, I would be more than happy to show you around Lima when you are in Peru, or give you some advice if need it!