Mountain Biking down the worlds most dangerous road?

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1. Posted by Kingwindle (Respected Member 302 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I love mountian biking, and have seen on television documentaries groups of people descending the road having brilliant fun.. I have also read about it in a couple of books.

Where is it in Bolivia, and can anyone shed any light as to how much it will cost, and do you need to book ahead??

Thanks in advance!

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Check out this site:

Don't know anyone who did the bike tour, but I know someone who did it on the bus, and said it was horrifically scary. She ended up sitting on the roof of the bus so she could jump off if the bus started to roll down the hill. (Seemed a little over the top to me, but then again I wasn't on the bus).

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I did it out of La Paz with "Gravity Tours." They have great equipment and leaders. You leave in the morning by bus and get dropped off at the top of this road--it really doesnt seem too dangerous until the road turns to gravel, dirt and mud--and the drop off is massive. You can go as fast or slow as you want. it was as safe as it could be (watch out for trucks, dont drive off the cliff, etc.). I think some riders died at some point--but the deaths result from trucks flying over the edge--it gets pretty thin at points. At any given point you can see a wreck over the side--or at least what was left behind after people fished out the re-usable parts.

You finish up, at least with Gravity, in Coroico--which is a very laid back village--good for a couple days of relaxing.

Oh, Gravity throws in a free t-shirt--so you dont have to do laundry for a week--if that's your thing.

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If you want the excitement without travelling all that way, i can recomend cycling down the centre lane of the M25 with no lights on at night. Same effect for significantly less cost....

More seriously though, the club i used to ride with had a trip over (i didn't go) there a few years back which included the trek. I saw the pics/hgead the stories after and some of them were interesting... The biggest danger is the other road users etc, particularly if on a part with very gravelly surface where you don't have the grip. The guys were held up for a while as a couple of trucks (one in each direction) had both skidded approaching the same corner and colided, and resting together with a front wheel of each hanging over the edge.

They got real lucky, as either one skidding alone would have been a goner. Apparently there's a few videos around as well, as a couple of nutters have gone for it full pelt wearing helmet cameras to give armchair viewers an idea of the experience...