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Hi all
we're starting to plan a 'big trip' to go in a couple of years' time, by which time we'll be 2 adults and 3 kids (aged 8, 4 and 4). we're hoping to spend about 6 months doing something really different from our usual lives (london, serious office jobs) - like environmental work in south america or something (not necessarily paid of course!).
does anyone have any ideas of where we should start looking for family-friendly ideas of where to go and what to do?

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Hi clas - it would probably help members answer you questions if you gave a bit more information. What are your areas of expertise, what type of work are you willing to do versus not willing to do, etc. "Environmental work" can cover many areas and if you have experience in a particular aspect, that would be helpful. Since you mention 3 children, maybe working with orphanages and such may be more suited to what you know and do well. It's still doing something different and helping out. Also, are you willing to travel to any destination or do you have particular ones in mind - you do mention South America. Are you willing to trade that for SE Asia or Europe? The more information we have to work with, the more informative the responses.

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ok, fair point... more info: we're both lawyers and we really don't want to do that when we travel. I have some experience of TEFL which I could brush up, but otherwise we were thinking probably of doing something which requires enthusiasm and committment rather than specific skills. I imagine one of us will work whilst the other looks after the kids, but somewhere where it is safe for them to have some freedom is important. also somewhere not homophobic (so most muslim majority countries are out, as as many christian ones) and safe for women. we have travelled a lot in europe and would rather go further afield. ditto australia and new zealand - though we will certainly spend part of the trip holidaying in nz. i guess the 'working holiday' part would be about 3 months, followed by 3 months travel (incl nz). we know se asia quite well but would be happy to go somewhere new (to us) there (laos perhaps)... At this stage we're looking to gather lots of ideas, which we can hopefully narrow down in due course...
Thanks everyone! suggestions of helpful websites / companies welcome as well as specific ideas!!

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Thank you for the additional information. It helps when members have "options". Good luck with your plans and enjoy the adventure!!!! ;)

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How about working on a farm? I'm not sure how it would work with a family, but WWOOFing is at least worth looking into. I'm kind of toying with the idea myself.

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Peter! WWOOFing seems interesting, and there are many more links offered! Thanx :)