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I am planning a trip to France in 2010 during 14 July Bastille Day. What can I pack into a 14 day trip assuming I am traveling through only France?

C'est mon anniversaire le 14 Juillet!


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In theory, you could drive, say, 200 km per day and still spend the afternoon/evening exploring each location.

So, around 2500 kms would give you a small glimpse of several areas - and a large glimpse of roads, cars, trucks, etc.

I was very tired doing this for three weeks 30 years ago when the the roads were quieter (and fuel was cheaper).

July/August is a very busy time as Europeans commutes N-S and back and aso E-W and back. Many also visit inland areas such as Loire Valley, Alps, Massif Central, etc.

I would aim to see three different areas, say Pyrenees/Biarritz, Paris, Languedoc-Provence. You could see a little of Loire valley, Massif Central or Alps as you drive through.

It is difficult to reply without knowing your interests.


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What mode of transport are you intending to use??

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...depending on what you are interested in and how you want to travel, I would suggest taking a canal boat trip, you can see a lot off the beaten track and not get exhausted by driving up hill and down dale...also, living on a boat covers all the variables, i.e. lodging, eating, etc...take a couple of bikes with you (presuming you are not traveling on your own) and Bob's your uncle, complete mobility...canal boats are a great way to travel...

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Having travelled in France during this time of the year, everything will be busy, the cities, roads, rail system and especially all major tourist sites... so plan on some waits.

one of my favourite areas while I was there was the eastern border with Germany, in the Alsace region, it's very beautiful and unique. Strasbourg is the major city in the region, but I would also reccomend the smaller (pop. 60-70 000) city of Colmar.

Train travel can be very efficient and does allow you to get a glimpse of the countryside.

I would also reccomend being in Paris for the Bastille day parade and fireowrks that night, they're very impressive, but get there early and avoid taking the metro if possible (unless you want to know what a sardine feels like). You could also take the day outside of the city and visit Versailles which is beautiful that time of year.

Whatever you do I hope you enjoy your time in France!

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I've spent 14th July in France twice and it was ace both times - once in Paris and once in a small country town. The fireworks in Paris were huuuge, but the ones out in the country were pretty spectacular too and there was a really good atmosphere. I think everyone in France takes 14th July celebrations pretty seriously.

Where to go in a fortnight? Tough one, as there are so many places. Can I suggest heading South? I've particularly enjoyed visiting Avignon and Carcassonne recently.