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I'm going to AUS from 21 Feb and my flights are booked for return on 06 Apr as my friend has to be back for work but I might stay longer with other friends who will be out there. The return date on my ticket can be changed, but I will be traveling on a holiday visa which only allows me to stay for 3 months and I cant work. If I do decide to stay for longer I will need to start working. Does anyone know how hard it would be to apply for a working visa when I am already in the country, am I going to have problems with this or is it quite easy, or would I be best just to get a working visa from the outset? I dont really wnat to have to do this as we might decide just to return on our original date then save up again and go back out next year to work and I know you can only ever have one working visa for the country. Has anyone done this before or can anyone advise me on what I would have to do to get the working visa whilst in AUS, and also how long it can take as I dont want my holiday visa to run out before the working one comes through and I have to be deported!

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Hi there Betty2,

Well, as far as I know it's basically not possible..... the visa requirements for the working holiday visa are that you have to be outside the country. A few years ago I knew a few people that travelled to NZ and then applied while there before heading back. I think that's not allowed anymore either, but am not quite sure how that is policed since applications these days are done online.

You can extend a tourist visa for another three months while you are in the country, but you'd have to show proof of funds for the next three months in that case I think. Also, legally you would not be allowed to work....

Getting the WHM takes only three days or so these days. That is if you haven't lived overseas for too long or tick any of the other boxes that raise a red flag at immigration



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Cheers Sam,
On that note does anyonw know how easy or possible it is to work for a while without having a working visa? Is it worth it or risky business?

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Not really sure... it could be tough though because you'll be up against about a 100000 travellers that do have a valid work permit.... for an employer, that's a much less risky path to take.

I wouldn't risk it if you are planning to go back perhaps some day...



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Don't even think about working here in OZ without the correct visa.
I just checked the australian immigration department website and the penalty for working illegally is (copied off the site) -

If you work without work right you commit an offence against the Migration Act 1958. People working illegally may have their visas cancelled and be subject to immediate removal from Australia. They can also be excluded from returning to Australia for a period of up to three years, or fined up to $10,000.

Heavy duty!!!

I came to Australia on holiday back in 1975 to visit my sister who had emigrated, and when I applied for a work visa the answer was NO. I imagine it is so much harder to get into OZ now, especially with terrorism on the rise.
I had to go back to Aberdeen, Scotland and apply from the UK, along with x amount of pounds, a chest x-ray and a doctor's certificate.
Then when I got back here in 1977 I never left till I had become an Australian.
Check out the following webpage -

Being nicked and deported for working illegally would not look good if you ever wanted to emigrate in the future.

P.S. I hope you are stopping in Perth for a while. It is paradise!!!
Best weather and beaches of all the capital cities, and Rottnest island is a great place to veg.