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MY Dear readers;
I have been on the road over 20 years .I could probably
wrote the lonely planet guide, time over , but i would have included a few more things!

I would like to share with you some of my experience. In Asia they call us Farangs, we are farangs! and we do look as an easy target !

My experience has a lot to tell you,: now a bit of Vietnam; WARNING ! is not allowed for a tourist
to be an overnight guest in a Vietnamese family or in a Vietnamese friends home , their
Government excuse is that is not safe for us tourist to mix with the local families , maybe is because is more safer for us to sleep with a Zulu' tribe of Africa ! what a ball *** ! well in fact, what they do mean is that: we must sleep in the hotel and we have to spend money ! so that with our money they can build more hotels ! the visa system sucks too !

is only valid from the day of issue and not available on arrival. Incredible !
is the only country that operate in such a way. And is the most expensive of the other Asian countries named here. There still a difference between north and south. Be prepared to be charged more when you are in the north ! And keep well away from karaoke places ! the blackmail you for money !

In Burma, Myanmar , there are some nice people, but is sad that the price
of food double in front of your eyes as soon they see you coming .IF YOU
BUY VIAGRA ON THE STREET, BE CARFUL, soon after a policeman will stop you and
you are prosecuted if you don't give money to them ! is a big tourist scam !is
obvious that the seller works with the police ! as for the transport it
treble in price, we must pay 3,4,5 times more than the Burmese people ! Why our government don't apply the same law when similar foreigners
come into our countries !

And you must only fly in ! they are saying is because of our
safety. but really what they are saying is that :we must keep the airline in the air
and pay money for the planes, as i have been in many places overland and there
is no problem travelling !

Now we go in to Lao's : a warning to you all, you are not allowed to sleep
with any Lao ladies ,even if she is your girlfriend and you have an official
engagement paper !.You can be put in prison and ,if you are lucky you will
negotiate a fine of 5 to 10 thousand usd to be paid to the police.
Only after you are married you can stay in her house or sleep together.
But of course if you are a Lao citizen you can sleep with her even before
you are official engaged to her. !

if you are thinking to marry one of those beautiful Lao ladies, is better
that you forget it ! The proceedings is a such slow and painful process that it require 15 documents, and over a year or more of officials confrontations, and at the cost of apx 2 to 4 thousand dollars to be distributed among the many Chairs Warmer officers. By the time that months pass by, year/s , they really hope that you will not get married any more and to cut your loss and go back to your land ! As it has happened !
Even if you are engaged with the proper document you cannot share the same roof with your girlfriend .If you do your heart rate goes up while you sleeping, ( not because you feel sexual ) but just for the worry that someone of the Authorities can knock on the door. In meantime can you imagine the poor fellow is living in fear to be caught by the authorities. Is this freedom ? or infringement of human rights ?For the lucky one who succeed to get married after money payments and long waiting , finally they celebrate , but not the wedding, but a near miss heart failure over the extreme stress .!

Corruption, here is a way of life, money is the name of the game , if you
don't have , you are a deep fried Falang. Is incredible you see so many
wealthy and luxuries cars, to be told by the drivers that they earn only 50-100
dollar per month !!those cars must run on water ! As for the
meals you need at list 1 dollar for your noodle !! Lets wonder how people can
manage to live !

There are many brothels in Laos but :not for the tourist you can be put to
prison ! there is a brothel in Van Vieng just 600 yard from the centre , on
the left with multicolor light , all those places are easy to spot, and many
other allover the country. Some out of towns and away from the tourist ! BUT
ARE NOT FOR the tourist! we are not allowed. you can be fined or else. This
is to give a clean look at the tourist trade !!

But on the other hand , if you are a lady, coming from Europe or elsewhere
you can sleep easy with any Lao man . What about justice !!

here don't exist, You are in Asia, if you go to your Embassy for some help;
they will laugh at you, giving you a sarcastic smile , referring you to the
local lawyer for you to spend money . Is only a very nice jobs for
them, at the expense of your and my country !

Everyone wants easy money without doing much work over here. ! Dusty
streets, and cleaning is not part of way of life !

Now a bit of Thailand : As a falang we must to pay 2, 3 times more of any
attraction that this beautiful very clean country offer .A visit to the
local zoo cost as 3 time more then the local people.
On the other hand, is Thailand is easy to get married and you can also share accommodation with your girlfriend . Transport is much much better then Lao's So why bother to be in Lao 's!

All over Asia we cannot own any property , land or business .!


Many Chinese and Thais have property and restaurants everywhere around the globe !Even in my street !

WHY OUR COUNTRIES DON'T apply the same technique as they do for us ?

Ad if we charge them more , we could easily reply, you are a farang in my land !

I do hope that traveler will stop to travel in such countries that there is
no justice, no equal right, until they do change the way they operate .Until they do apply equal fundamental law .
And is up to us to make the change, if we all stayed in our countries, we
would be better off. ! our currency will be in our country . more money in our
nations ! And if someone is ripping you off, is one of your conational
citizen, and part of your and my country ! and to be proud of .

The above liner are written in love and in memory of all the tourist that have
lost their life in accidents and hilliness while travelling through Asia , and that their soul will always rest in peace .Amen.

Egualite', Fraternite' , Liberte

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aggravated sex tourist alert.

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OP - I think you've got it all wrong. The purpose of travel is not to change another country to adapt to our standards (and who ever said we have the greatest standards anyhow). Maybe you should stay in your home country from now on?

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Quoting kerk

All over Asia we cannot own any property , land or business .!

I'm not going to point out the many errors in your rant, but this one is such utter baloney that I couldn't hold back. Heck, they even have fairs in Norway selling houses/apartments/land in Thailand to Norwegians!

To each their own opinions, but spreading untruths is not cool

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Laos doesn't have an apostrophe!

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this is your first post to this forum and you're ranting?
i dont think you come to those countries to travel, that's why you're always in trouble

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have seen this post several times across several different forums over the last few months. Not going to justify this silly rant with any of the many corrections needed.

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Old White Trash waiting to die in some cheap hostel in Southeast Asia contribute to the public stereotype that all westerners are predatory loosers with pensions to buy lechery and injustice.
I am not making assumptions about the author of the thread. But I have heard this rant in bars, practically every night.

1. Uhm, when Asian goes to Europe, you don't need merchants to rip us off, you got the exchange rates that would automatically make us feel like our money is shit.

2. The right to fuck the locals for the price lower than that of a Frafucino in Starbucks. I applaud LAOS, for protecting its woman and its not even a Democracy. I have nothing against prostitution. I am not a hypocrite. But the thought of selling the body of a Thai mother to a Korean teenager or to a Dirty Old Westerner for the price of a Big Mac is just revolting. HAIL LAOS AND MYANNMAR, keep it up!

3. Foreign girls can sleep with local men... now that is sexy. Foreign girls going to go go bars and massage parlors, even sexier.

I'm bored with this POLISHED rant... sounds like its over published. You need bullet points to make it interesting.

4. Western people can't buy properties, so I assume all the posh Condominiums in Penang, Manila, Changmai, are built to attract farmers, call center agents, policemen and the working class. Was this article written in 1982?

5. Its more than a year for a Chinese girl to get a tourist visa to Europe, so he could travel with live-in partner for 6 years in some Chinese capital city.

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Post # 8, Swept Away...well said, I like your rant on the rant in post #1;)

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Quoting murphc09

aggravated sex tourist alert.

- I think that sums it up.