Where to buy bus/rail tickets in Bangkok?

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I've heard a few stories that the bus tickets you can buy from agencies on Khao San Road quite often turn out to be dodgy. Has anyone got any personal experiences of whether or not this is true or not, and whether the tickets from KSR are a decent buy?

Also, where else are good places in Bangkok to buy tickets from? I don't mind paying a bit more for a bus/rail ticket if it means less hassle in the long run.

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We bought tickets on KSR and didn't have any problems. The main thing is to go for an agency that at least looks reasonably trustworthy, not someone selling out of the back of their truck or something like that. The second time we took a local bus and the tickets for that were pretty well regulated as well. Can't remember exactly where or how we bought those but it was right off KSR, across from where the bus left (going south).

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Generally speaking if you buy a bus ticket on KSR to anywhere in the country, or overland say to Cambodia, rest assured your trip will be more uncomfortable, take longer and almost invariably involve at least minor scams. Some are fairly harmless - stopping somewhere for an hour so you eat at a place that pays them a commission, others far more nasty - eg the overland trips to Siem Reap in Cambodia should be avoided at all costs. Over 60 million Thais get by fine using the public bus system - it is comprehensive, affordable and safe.

You can buy bus tickets at the respective bus stations (East, south and north) and train tickets at the train station.

Hope that helps

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if you have a few days in bangkok id go directly to the staion a couple of days before you want to leave and book through the ticket counter, you can buy the bus/rail combos there and they have a booth set up for foreigners.

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i wouldn't know about bus tickets, but i bought my train ticket to chiang mai from one of the booking offices on khaosan and it was fine. they told me they'd charge 50baht for the service, but that's okay because driving to hualampong and back from khaosan will cost you more than that.
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Theres a train travel website called www.seat61.com that you should check out, gives details like you would to a 12 year old, suits me fine. Tope notch site.

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buy all train tickets from the train station .. it's easy and cheaper ..

you'll be okay with bus .. i'd recommend a VIP or super VIP .. i think it's worth it ..

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If you go for the bus, don't use minibus, use VIP government bus. You can go to the bus station directly and buy it.

You can also buy train ticket directly from the train station.

Nowadays many cheap Thai airlines, bus and train no longer a good deal.


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