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Hi Guys,

We're thinking of heading to Koh Lipe this year while doing some island hopping on the Andaman side. Has anybody been? It seems a bit far south but we wouldnt mind if it was worth it

Also, I see a ferry runs from here to Langkawi, can you get a visa at the port in Langkawi?


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Best getting there is by Tigerlinetravel.com from Hat Yao Pier (Trang), flying to Trang. If you visit Langkawi, everything can be arranged easily at Pattaya Beach on Koh Lipe.

Lipe is a very small but very nice island !

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We had a bad experience when booking online with Tigerline. See below.


Dear Sir/Madam,

Formal Complaint - Tigerline e-booking Ref.No.*************

Please see my booking reference and travel instructions below.

I am writing to complain about being given completely incorrect information about my ferry booking which meant that my partner and I were sent to the wrong harbour on Langkawi this morning, meaning that we missed our ferry to Ko Lanta.
We had booked accomodation in Ko Lanta for this evening.
We have also had to book into a hotel for the night in Kuah (Citin Hotel) before we can leave Langkawi tomorrow with a different ferry provider.

Despite confirming with yourselves by phone (twice before the day of travel and once on the day of travel), email as below, and then with 'Adam' - your representative in Langkawi, when we arrived at Telaga Harbour as instructed (see below) this morning we were told quite strongly that they could not help us travel and that Tigerline bookings were not welcome there.

This was after we had checked 5 times with yourselves and Adam to make sure that Telaga Harbour was the correct departure point.

Having already paid 24RM for a taxi to Telaga Harbour, Adam then told us to come to Kuah Jetty.
This cost us another 40RM in a second taxi.

On arrival at Kuah Jetty and meeting Adam, we were very concerned that he said he could not speak to the Tigerline office, even though I had done so myself that morning to confirm the departure point!

It soon became clear that Adam was not a trustworthy person to deal with.
He could not give us any clear information about how we would get to Ko Lanta, and tried to give us 2 ferry tickets to Satun which were not valid as they had not been stamped with a departure time, even though he claimed they were for a 12.30 sailing.

He also tried to convince us to take a considerably cheaper route than the one we had paid for - he wanted us to take a bus from Satun to Trang and then claimed that someone would meet us to help us get a ferry to Ko Lanta.

He made these claims without being able to give us any proof of travel, and also said that he, .."didn't work for Tigerline and was only an agent."

When we asked him if he could give us our money back for our booking, he said he could not do that.
He said that we would need to go to a Tigerline office to get our money back.

We then phoned Tigerline ourselves and they said to us that Adam should give us our money back.

The Tigerline staff then spoke to Adam while we were on the line, and we watched him speak into his mobile and heard the female member of staff tell Adam that he needed to return our money to us.

When we told Adam that Tigerline had just said that he needed to return our money, he denied having the conversation which we had just heard while on the line and seen him have on his mobile phone!!

Eventually he agreed to give us our money back, but said that he, "needed 10 minutes" and then went outside the coffee shop (where he was always sat with various unknown teenagers) and started making mobile phone calls.

In the end, we went outside Starbucks to where he was sat and asked him where our money was.
He then said that he was getting it changed into Thai Baht for us!
We replied that we just wanted our money back and didn't care about having Thai Baht, so he gave us 568RM back after having to ask some of the teenagers sitting there to contribute to this money!

His final attempt to get some money off us was when he asked for 60RM for the invalid ferry tickets with no time stamped on them, so we gave him the tickets back.

At this point, a security guard from the Kuah Jetty was talking to Adam about something and he soon left after that!

We do not feel that Adam is a trustworthy person at all, and believe that he was trying to give us invalid ferry tickets to Satun so that he could avoid giving us a refund. He wanted us to wait until 12.30 for a ferry that we would not have been able to take.

We cannot believe how badly we have been treated by Tigerline ferries.

Not only were we given false information which meant that we missed our ferry, but we had to pay for 3 taxis, 2 hotels for tonight (as we had already booked a hotel on Ko Lanta) and had to book an alternative ferry for tomorrow.

We also had to deal with Adam, who was a very suspicious and unfriendly character.
We do not feel that you should trust Adam to be your representative on Langkawi.

We wanted to deal with Tigerline about these problems when they were happening, but the female at the call centre insisted we had to deal with Adam, who we felt was lying to us and was not helping us at all.

We very much feel that Tigerline simply didn't care about our situation.

We would like our expenses to be reimbursed as follows:

Taxi to Telaga Harbour: RM24
Taxi to kuah Jetty: RM40
Taxi to Citin Hotel: RM8

Citin Hotel, 25th November: RM122

These additional expenses are a result of your incorrect instructions (as detailed below) total payable to us: RM194, or 1843 Thai Baht.

We would also like to know why we were told 5 times by 2 different Tigerline employees to depart from Telega Harbour?
Even when we phoned the Tigerline office at 8.15am to ask why there was nobody in the office at Telaga, I was still told that this was the place we should catch the ferry! Adam then also said that this was the right place when I phoned him at 8.30am.
We cannot understand how this happened!

We would appreciate a quick and full response to these matters from yourselves, including our reimbursment for the expenses we have listed which are a result of Tigerline errors.

Yours Sincerely,

  • **************