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Hi everybody

I am new member here and i have a question about some cities in Canada!

What do you guys think is different or unusual about the following cities



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hello, just seen that you have kinda posted a reply to yourself-frustrating when people arent on here at the same or similar sorts of time aint it!?

sorry but i haven't got any answers to your question i'm affraid! but good luck, he! he! x

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I'm not much help, but i'll do what i can.

Montreal - Never been there but I hear its a great place. Very good night life.
Halifax - Never been there but I hear it's beautiful.
Edmonton - Never been there but i hear theres not much to do except for the west edmonton mall.
Vancouver - I live here. Beautiful City. Very diverse and the mountains are really close if you enjoy the outdoors. Also on the ocean, so you can enjoy the water.
Calgary - Nice city with a sorta texas feel to it. Lots of cowboys and ranchers around. The whole city goes into party mode during the stampede every summer.

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Have not had the chance to go to Eastern Canada but here is my take on the cities I have been too:

Edmonton – Unless you are into shopping West Edmonton Mall is just a really big mall – this mall is “special” as it does have a water and theme park besides regular stores (Sorry I find malls to be very frustrating among other things so I don’t like them).
-On a whole Edmonton has a nice feel to it and if you are in Alberta worth to go see.

Calgary – is a great city as it gives you access to a variety of things: close to Banff National Park (hiking, skiing and many outdoor pursuits). Also Calgary itself has a variety of things to do. The main attraction as stated above being the Calgary Stampede.

Both Edmonton and Calgary have a variety of festivals/events during the year, so I guess it depends on what you are looking for.

Vancouver – a great place to start on the West Coast, however a little big for me. I prefer Victoria (on Vancouver Island) as it is much smaller. If you are into outdoor activities I would most defiantly come to the West Coast.

If you have a bit of time I would recommend starting in Calgary and drive out to Vancouver – it is a nice way to see a piece of both BC and Alberta. :)

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Thank you guys so much for you help

I'm doing this for my Geo project

anyway thank you again

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I have been to Montreal and Vancouver, so I will comment on them.

Montreal - I've heard Montreal described as "Disneyland for Alcoholics." Apt description. Montreal is indeed the best party city in all of Canada. Additionally, it is the most cultured of the Canadian cities. Everyone is very chic and hip, and there are lots of great museums and art gallerys to check out.

Vancouver - The Emerald City - the scenery is amazing. The sea, lots of big glass condo towers and the mountains as a backdrop. Vancouver is a "lifestyle" city - there aren't too many jobs around, but there is lots of money around, so people are all about having a good time - heading up into the mountains skiing or out on the water in their boats.

Hope this helped!

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Disneyland for Alcoholics??!?!?! I had no idea, although I guess that would be the case. I live in Montreal and I could tell you that it's a great place to see. Something different for sure.

As for the other cities, I think you have a good selection going there, and it will give you a good idea of what Canada's like. Although I don't know much about Calgary and Edmonton, but I'm sure they're nice.

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I love Montreal..My fiance wisked me there to take me shopping and propose! It's all about fashion and sexuality there! Many Many strip clubs and adult stores stuck in between the trendy fashion retailers! Great night life, tons of high fashion shopping, and beautiful buildings (that is in "old Montreal"). Horse and buggy rides and wonderful resurants. People there are friendly and most all biligual(French/English.

Vancouver (never been) but have friends who live out there. Has some of the best ski mountains in the world, great resurants and the landscape views are supposidly amazing!! Plenty of Asian people to keep the place hopping!! I plan to visit soon!

My sister lives in Halifax. The East coast has beautiful views and oceans. Plenty of great sea food. Friendly bunch