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Looking at an overland trip starting in Durban, SA travelling via Mosimbique and into Tanzania. would like to stay costal throughout Mosimbique as diving will be on the 'itinery'.
Looking to travel as early as september, for a period anywhere from 10 to 16 weeks (depending on budget ect).
At this point iam looking for any advice regarding routes, border/visas and just gereral ideas. Any ideas on what sort of budget im looking at as far as day to day living throughout this journey (excluding diving and safari) might set me back.

Any help will be appreciated.

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i see that you posted this quite a couple of weeks ago. Were you looking at a scheduled overland trip? or were you more interested in information on independent overland travel, like types of transportation ect? When were you thinking of going? Transportation in South Africa, Durban to Moz, will be pretty easy to organize. However transportation in mozambique will be a little tougher. You should be able to pick up buses up the coast, or you might be able to meet up with some other travelers with a car and help share the expenses. Moz is supercheap, your dives should be your biggest expense. don't know much about the route from Moz to Tanzania unfortunately. Hope that helps a little.

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I can't help you with the Mozambique border bit - but I've done S.A. to Tanzania - and over you go.
When you talk of diving, are you thinking of the sea, or in Lake Malawi??

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I just got back from south africa a couple of weeks ago and stayed in Komitieport, just a few k from the Mozambique border and talked to several travelers that had just spent tiime along the coast. They all said it was beautiful but all also had the same story of getting hit up for multiple bribes along the way from police, border guards and one even had to pay a fee when he got his 4 WD stuck in the sand along the coast. The day to day expenses are very low and the seafood along the coast is wonderful. As long as you keep to the backpacker style places I'm not sure you. can go all the way, by road anyway, along the coast. You might get a boat to take you part of the way, I would think it would be inexpensive to hire one localy. It can be slow going once you cross the border and there can be hassles at the crossings, even for South Africans going over for a weekend. This may or may not happen for you, thats one of the things I love about Africa, you never know what to expect and with a little good will and freindly conversation you might avoid or overcome some of the checkpoints and "taxes" or duties that might be levied. My experience this last trip was for a traffic violation that carried a R1000 fine but with a little bargining got it down to R200 and might have gotten it down a lot more but I forgot the extra R100 bill in my wallet so I couldn't show him I had only a few rand on me. Advise, hide all but a few rand and carry that in your wallet in case you get stopped, when you open up your wallet they will generaly make the fine whatever ammount they see that you have on you. Hope your trip is full of adventure, the good kind, and you find your way with very little hassles.

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