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1. Posted by winter11 (Budding Member 2 posts) 15y Star this if you like it! if I have a criminal record, but the name that is on my birth certificate is different from the name I was charged under..ex. Sandra-Ann is the name on the charges but on id is Ann Sandra (with no dash, I grew up thinking my name was the first but when I applied for my birth certificate they said my name was registered the other way around and with no dash, found out that my mom had screwed up when registering me and have to pay for name change). will I be denied a passport or if I do happen to get my passport what are the chances that the charges will show up at the customs database because of the name difference? I am scheduled to go to the US with my child for a very important hockey tournament. I have applied for a passport and was told to pick it up on a certain date does that mean I am being issued a passport or does it have to go elsewhere to get approved hence the 10 day wait?....Can anyone help me out with some answers? If I do get my passport would that mean I could get through customs? The charges are serious so really I should not even be approved for a passport to begin with... If I do get denied entry at customs what will they do to me? Can I go to jail? Or will they just not let me in? reading different things on the net and it is making it all confusing and scary!!! If I could go back and changed my actions from the past, I most definately would......

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To the best of my belief - and I am not an expert in any way - I think the purpose of your birth certificate in a passport application is not to prove identity, but nationality. I believe the identity is proved by the person who countersigns your application - which is why they ask for a recognized professional like a police officer, a magistrate, or a doctor. Whether or not the passport office will amend your passport with this extra information is another matter and one that only the passport office will be able tell you with any certainty. Best phone them.

edit - I'm writing from a UK perspective.

2nd edit - if it's really that important, perhaps you can get someone else to take your child.

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I was thinking that too, but it is a week long!!!

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Sounds like you are in a difficult position.

Technically a country cannot deny you a travel document, although remember that that document always remains the property of the issuing country (so it can be removed by the issuing country).

If you have applied for a passport and it has been approved, usually they will send it out/ or you oick it up.

As for the crimes...I guess you are in a difficult position? My best advice (as a lawyer) would to go see a lawyer. The embassy (U.S) is the best source of advice, but in your case you may not like what they tell you (if you get my drift).

If you have done something serious (ie kidnapping), forget it. You risk being deported when you land. Similarly with drug trafficking and terrorism.

Advice- when you get your passport apply for ESTA and see if you get approval. You could also ask the embassy with regards to obtaining a visa (considering criminal convictions), and then decide what to do. My guess is that you may have to take the chance and try to sneak through without declaring your convictions....but that is really not the way to go.

Good luck, but try and get as much info as you can before you decide:)

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