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1. Posted by jedmonds (Budding Member 32 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi all

I need some advice on travelling from Bolivia to Sao Paulo and some tips of places to see in Venezuela. We are travelling by bus from La Paz down into Argentina to Buenos Aires then up to Sao Paulo where we will take a flight to Caracas. We will then be flying to Rio for a few days before we fly home. Seems funny to do it this way but we managed to get a south american airpass with a few flights involved worked out cheaper than just one flight.

We have 60 days to do this trip. I can see already we will be moving fast, do you think this will work? Can any one give me an intineary with all your best places to see and how long to be in the cities for? This would be amazingly useful.

Thanks all!

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If you can look at my previous posts about Venezuela, you can see I have mentioned about going to Margarita Island and Merida. No reason to stay in Caracas except to see a baseball game or go on the teleferico. Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world but to go there and stay one night will cost ya 300 dollars minimum. Los ROques islands are fantastic too but to fly there is 300 dollars but the water/sand is the best in the world! Like I said, look at my other posts to get a feel about what I said. Also, one day in Sao Paulo is one day too many, like Caracas.

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In Venezuela you can visit La Gran Sabana, Roraima, the Tepuy's, and the Churun Meru fall, is to me one of the greatest places in the world. Margarita Island is a very vivid place, at Merida there's the Bolivar Peak and the teleferic system... and as for Caracas you can visit El Avila and the city aswell. It depends on how many days you're staying ! =) , any special info about , ask me!

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spend a few days in la paz. consider doing the worlds most dangerous road bike ride.

you could also consider going to the peruvian border and spending some time at lake titicaca.

my wife and i skipped from la paz to the salt plains on an overnight bus. a two day tour of the salt plains is enough.

getting from bolivia to buenos aires takes time. check my blog for details of where we stopped en route.

buenos aires is fab. consider staying for a week. san telmo is ace for a day, we stayed in the lovely palermo viejo area. full of nice bars, restaurants and shops. and make sure you try some steak!

a trip to iguazu falls is a must, especially if you are going when they are in full flow. check pictures at

and if you can get a flight down to the perito moreno glacier i would recommend it.

sao paulo is not worth staying in for long. rio de janeiro is fab. we also went to ihla grande and paraty and would recommend both.

you can read about it all in our blog and check pics on our flickr site.

all the best