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Does anyone know of any companies flying out of North America that offer fully refundable flights?

I'm in that horrible catch 22 with the Canadian working holiday visa which states that you must have an onwards flight in order to get your year visa, but you can't get a flight a year in advance.... So my original solution was to get a dummy ticket for cheap and just not take the flight. Problem is, they make you fly so far away that it isn't cheap (maybe they wised up to that trick). So the nice lady in STA suggested that I look for a fully refundable flight to 'anywhere' (I love it when travel agents have morals!).

Can anyone give me any advice on this situation or suggest a company that offers these tickets?



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To the best of my knowledge all airlines offer non-restricted tickets because they are the most expensive (no deals at all).

You don't say where you're from (I'll assume other than N. America) - couldn't you get a ticket to the closest border city in the States then? I also don't see why it can't be a bus ticket?

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British Airways and Air Canada both offer fully refundable tickets, but they ain't cheap!!
Good luck.

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Unfortunately it has to be out of North America, including Mexico and the Caribbean. I'm not sure why it can't be a bus ticket (the visa conditions stipulate onward flights) but in all fairness a bus ticket to Guatemala would probably work out pretty expensive if I'm going to ditch it anyway.
Thanks for the tips for airlines - price isn't too much of an issue as long as it is definitely fully refundable as I'm going to cash it back in again.
Thanks for the advice