Just enough to get me going... ball park figure?

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Ok, saving isn't really happening here, so Im looking for advice the lowest realistic price for about 8 months+ travelling:

India (1-2 months), Nepal (a few days) on route into China (1 month maybe), (possibly) South Korea (2 weeks) staying with friends, (possibly) Japan 2 weeks, Hong Kong (1 week), Vietnam (2-3 weeks), Laos, Thailand (1 month) staying with friends, before heading south Singapore and Malaysia before Australia (1 month) staying with family, New Zealand (a few weeks), Fiji (a week maybe)....

Vancouver (maybe a week) staying with family, across the border into Seattle (2 weeks?) heading down to Cali... then gradually travel / work my way west to NY and back around this time next year.

The time in each country is up in the air, and with that being the case is it still possible to get a decent deal on flights booked as they happen (instead of the RTW ticket).

As I've mentioned, I'm planning on working as much as I can on route and making use of overland travel as much as I can (when economically advantageous).

Any idea of a ball park figure?


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Congrats on taking the plunge to go travelling ... you watch, it'll become addictive!

Here are my (honest & recent) costs on life in Oz ... I have been told they're almost identical in NZ but with the NZ currency being weaker it works out a little cheaper when converted. Also in that topic I've said how getting work in Oz (and presumably NZ) is almost impossible.

You can live like a king in Asia for 15 quid a night or scrape by on 5 quid a day ... it all depends on your comfort levels .... 8 quid a night will get you a beautiful room w/ aircon, pool etc. 3 quid will get you a boiling hot hut with a (possibly) broken (definately) crap ceiling fan that does bugger all.

Drink is cheap in S. East Asia (can't comment on India, China or Nepal) beinga bout 1quid for a 2 pint bottle ... but 15p for a litre & a half in Vietnam :)

Street food, although at first you'll not want to touch it with a barge pole, is clean & cheap (just be sure to eat where the stall is busy with locals ... that usually means it's OK)

For me, flights are gonna be your biggest single expense .. you may want to look into a round the world / multi-stop ticket ... and if you find one, let me know cos I'm looking at the moment too!