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Manila - best area to stay ?

Travel Forums Asia Manila - best area to stay ?

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11. Posted by Russell1 (Inactive 10 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

For staying in makati you need atleast 100 - 150 US$ but its really nice place to hang out....
Hope enjoy your stay.... :)

12. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 1932 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Quoting chicko

Hey, Planning a trip to the philippines this october, will be in Manila for a few nights, maybe more if i like it, whats the best area to stay in for Nightlife, Bars , Clubs, Eating etc etc ! Im looking to stay in a budget hotel, something around 40 to 50 usa $ a night..



When I am in Manila I always stay in the Ermita area of Manila. This area is near Roxas Boulevard where the US Embassy is located. This is not far from the Robinson Mall. You can take the yellow meter taxi from the airport and get there in a short time for around 250 peso or so.


In this area there are several bars, small restaurants, travel agencies, casinos, internet shops and a short walk to the LRT rail service.

Over the past 12 years I have used several hotels in various price ranges in Ermita. For the past few years when I was in this area I used the Citystate Hotel and the Lotus Garden Hotel on Mabini Street several times. Other times when I wanted to save a little cash I used the Stone House B&B (1000 pesos for a tiny room with air, hot water, private toilet, cable TV, restaurant pretty cheap for breakfast available.)

This bar will book a hotel room for you with an email only using their name. Most often it will be the Citystate and the Lotus Garden which are not too far a walk from this pub. This pub has a band in the evening, daily food and drink specials. The food is not too bad and they have an "all you can eat" buffet for 199 pesos most afternoons.

When I fly into Manila it is always late at night, I have used the G-Point several times and they have always come through with a room. Only one time I had a problem when I failed to remind the bar to call the hotel and tell them I would be in around 11 PM and the hotel thought I was a no show. I got a room with a walk-in at the nearby Mabini Pension.

Other hotels in this area are both higher priced and cheaper. There are even some places that have fan only rooms. The Citystate and Lotus Garden have breakfast included in the price. Stone House B&B breakfast was around 60 or 70 pesos. Several restaurants located in the Robinson Mall as well as supermarkets and movie theaters, etc.

I used to visit this area when the streets were much darker and dirtier. There have been some new lighting installed, streets cleaned and in general a little safer than just 6 years ago. Other nightlife in this area consist of a few go-go bars, expat bars, L.A. Cafe and Amazonia for instance.

My last visit was a few weeks ago. If this is your first visit to Asia you will find the Philippines interesting. Don't be alarmed if you notice armed guards at malls, bars, hotels and even Seven Eleven stores, this has been that way for many years, just another day in Manila!

Your call!

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