Help! I need Nice places to take my Parents when they visit

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Hi All

My Parents are meeting my boyfriend and I in the middle of our travels and we need to find some nice places to take them.

We are going to:
Hong Knog,
Kuala Lumpa,
Penang and
Singapore -
We have booked hotels so we just need recommendations for restaurants, places to visit etc.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Tor and Simon

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As a parent, I suspect they are just checking to see that you are still in one piece. ;)

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For Hong Kong you have to take them to Victoria Peak, it is stunning. The best view of HK and is great either in the day or at night. Google it if you dont know it and see the images. Also you can take them to the free nightly lazer display that takes place on both sides of the Harbour. I suggest going to watch it from the Avenue Of Stars. Google this also, it is a great show. You can also take them for a ride on the Star Ferries which cross to and from HK Island to Kowloon every few minutes and it is ridiculously cheap and a great way to see the harbour.

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In Kuala Lumpur, you should visit the Batu caves: there's a Hindu temple there, and the caves themselves (open to the sky in the center of a small mountain) are quite impressive. There is a family of wild monkeys that live there, too, and often come down from the mountain to steal food from the temple or tourists.

The Indian curry in K.L. is really good, too. Best I've ever had (but I haven't been to India...)

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It'll help in giving you recommendation if you let us know how long you planned to stay in each of these places.

Refer to the Kuala Lumpur travel guide for the sights and activities in the city. The Batu Caves mentioned by madpoet is definitely a must-see! :) And yes, Indian curries in KL are not to be missed. And so are the Chinese dishes. It's very hard to find equally good ones in the UK (at reasonable prices), as most dishes served in Asian restaurants/takeaways here do not taste the same, mainly because of unskilled chefs and profiteering. There was also the need to water-down the hot and spicy dishes for the majority of the locals who aren't used to it. Only about six more months till I get back -- can't wait! :)

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penang penang hills a must visit

singapore/KL both have excellent hop on hop off multi lingual tour buses that take you to a plethora of nice places botanitical gardens etc hippo/duck tour in SNG and hop on/off in KL.


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I live in Guangzhou´╝î and have been to the near cities, such as HK, Macau, Zhuhai.

I think if you go to HK with your family, you can enjoy the food and shopping there. Also, you can go to Ocean Park, Madame Tussauds, Avenue of Stars to have a look, they will be a good place to go. You can enjoy the seafood in Lamma Isaland, that will be great!

Perhaps you can go to the cities near HongKong in Pearl River Delta, like Guangzhou, Macau. Macau is so much small a place that you can spend just one day for travel. If you want to know how to get there, you can search "prdguide" in google, or you can write me.

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Not sure if you have made your stop in Singapore already. I have some recommendations that hope will come in useful! If u've come and gone, then hopefully someone else will find these helpful!


To have a taste of local cuisine in a relatively nicer setting, you can bring them to Straits Kitchen at Hyatt Hotel in town. The food here is not too bad, tastes quite authentic and will give you a good overview of local cuisine in a nice hotel setting.

But if you want authentic hawker food, a good place to start will be Newton Hawker centre - must visit for any tourist. Try the grilled stingray, squid (or 'sotong' as Singaporeans affectionately call it), fried carrot cake, char kway teow and poh pia (freshly handmade spring roll), and chicken rice. local favourites.

For me, my favourite local food has to be chicken rice. For one of the best chicken rice in singapore, try Boon Tong Kee (the Balestier branch is my favourite). For wanton mee,

For some great Chinese food that is popular with Singaporeans, try the Crystal Jade group of restaurants or Soup Kitchen. Perennial favourites with Singaporeans. Your hotel will be able to help you with the nearest branch. For soup kitchen, do order the Samsui Chicken - its their signature and awesome.

Seafood and chilli crab:

East Coast Parkway is where lots of tourists go to eat seafood. Locals can be found there as well. U can try Red House or No Signboard.

Chill out:

Pop by Dempsey road - which is a cluster of hip eateries and drinking places. or Arab street for a little more diverse culture (little watering holes and lots of middle eastern, moroccan and egyptian influences). or venture to our theatre and cultural hub at the esplanade. I love the waterdfront performances during the weekends. Nice bars and eating places there as well. There is also a No Signboard seafood here - i think the standard of food here is pretty good.


Chinatown and Little India are must-visits. if you are open to something more "interesting", u can try Geylang, Singapore's red-light district. It has lots of good local food as well. Do let me know if u need some recommendations!

The more usual stuff:

For shopping, the usual places are Orchard Road, Bugis and Vivocity. U can try Marina Square as well. My personal faves are Marina Sq and Vivo. But u may like the open air outdoor night market (pasar malam) at Bugis. Also, visit the Zoo or the Night Safari and Sentosa. Lots of info on the net for these.

I also recommend catching a local play if you have the time. Check out .. I think our local plays are awesome! though there is a lot of local slang, local jokes and singlish which foreigners may not understand!

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