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I've finally gotten around to looking into them. Currently I have a Cokin P 120 (1 stop I think) grey. It's the only one I have, and I don't use it much since I'm not really a landscape guy. But playing with it over the weekend in Quebec I found it quite lacking. I think I have quite a weak one so it didn't do much with the strong contrasts I was looking at. I stacked on a few ND's and got some pleasant shots, but could be better. So, to make a story short, I went on eBay to see what's available.

There's a Cokin 1,2,3 stop kit, and Lee's in 1 and 3 stops. Anyone have experience with the two brands ? The Lee's are considered better since they don't give a colour cast. But the Cokin is definitely more affordable. Since I'm not a serious landscape guy (mostly I'm interested in taking snapshots of opportunity when we're out camping), it might be enough.

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Both brands are good and highly popular, though Lee are considered the more professional. And I wouldn't worry about colour cast - it really is splitting hairs for those who can afford to pay the extra.

A '2 stop' filter is probably a good standard, though a one and a half stop (if it can be used with the one you already have) will give a nice range - 1, one and a half, 2 and a half in just two filters.

But - have you thought of getting a polarizer? It will darken blue skies (define clouds, etc) and also cut down reflections in water, glass, etc. It will cut down your light by 2 stops though, but nothing you can't get around.

Personally, I think filters took a dive since digital, where a lot of people turned to Photoshop. I found Photoshop eats time compared to getting the shot 'in camera'. Anyway - these are just my thoughts. Hope they help. ;)

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Thanks for the great advice. I'm also leaning towards the Cokin set as well. Since I don't see myself using it that much, and just can't justify the extra cost. How's the material its made from ? Nothing's scratch proof. But some guys say the Lee filters are made from a more wear resistant material. Don't know what that means exactly. The Cokins come in discrete stops, while the Lee ones come in half stops. So I guess I'll have to live with it. I'm looking at a kit on eBay. For almost the same price as one 2stop Cokin at my local camera store. So why not !

I have a polarizer. Several actually, for the lenses that I use to shoot landscapes with and the two old film cameras that I have. I don't find that it darkens my images that much, since I find digitals over expose a little bit anyway. They don't do the same job as a ND grad though, since you can't darken just part of the frame.

I agree with trying to do as much in the camera as you can. I just think having good raw material will always lead you to a better outcome. I like Photoshop and consider that an essential part of the workflow. But garbage in garbage out. We had a whole thread recently about just this topic. One thing I didn't say was that some of my stuff that people swear has been photoshoped, really hasn't been. And a few for the reverse also. I always found that funny and interesting.

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My old tutor was always banging on to me that photography was never an exact science - it took me years to understand what he meant. I now know it's all problem solving really - and spending as little time and money as possible. The Cokins sound great.

Happy snapping! ;)

Snaps? I don't take snaps! I paint with light!