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Hi all....

Im gonna live in LA for 4 months and im gonna get all stuff to stay and work legally in USA (work visa and others).

So i have lots of questions for you:

1) Where can i find cheap apartments to rent in LA??

2) Where can i find good jobs in LA?? (i speak english and im almost finishing my business managment study)

3) As i'm a DJ here in Brazil is that possible to work as a DJ in can i do that??

4) Is it necessary to buy all furniture for my apartment (where can i buy this stuff)??

5) Is that truth that i can get free computers, microwaves....??

6) Anyone knows good DJ Stores (or musical instruments store) web sites or adress??

Sorry for so many questions!! answer just what u want to

Thanks all

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Whats up...LA is the place to be! Check out and click on LA. It has housing, jobs, DJ gigs, and everything you can think of. Plus its FREE!! Let me know what you think...

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Craig's list is a great idea but be prepared for the high cost of apartment rentals. I live in La La Land and am always amazed at the rents asked for places that are like tin cans. Clubs are definitely happening here. Check out these websites. and They might give you an idea about employment. Some rentals might be furnished but I would look at places like IKEA, Pottery Barn, Pier 1 Imports and yard sales for your furniture. Lastly, if you get free computers, etc. let the rest of us know how it's done.

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Lots of wonderful suggestions on here already. Let me add my two cents worth.

(1) For furniture, look into renting, but be aware most contracts will call for a six-month minimum--so unless you are sure you are staying, then you are better off with the places mentioned in the last post.

(2) Most of the happening places are either on the west side (Hollywood, West Hollywood, Santa Monica (also a beach), Venice, or Beverly Hills), near the beach (Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Torrance, Malibu, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach), in Orange County (Irvine, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Corona del Mar), or north of town near Valencia or Northridge. Most of the rest of LA is "bedroom communities" meaning where people have settled down and are raising their kids. Keep this in mind when planning where to live and yet still be near your job. The reason this is important is because:

(3) Los Angeles is very spread out. It is 44 miles (68 kilometres)across the LA area. While LA only has 3 million people, the metropolitan area has over 17 million people--and there are almost zero high-rises. The reason is simple--Los Angeles has earthquakes, so building high-rises doesn't make sense. Most apartment buildings in Rio and New York are 6 to 7 to 18 floors. In Los Angles, all apartment buildings are 2 to 3 levels only--so the people are spread over a wider area. This is important because:

(4) More spread out means lots more traffic. Los Angeles has the worst public transit system in any major city in America (I lived there over 30 years, so I know). You have to have a car, and it's easy to get lost. So you have to live close to where you work.

(5) As far as getting a job--you aren't supposed to be able to work here if you aren't a citizen, so it should be a problem, but it's not. Los Angles is full of illegal aliens (about 1 million out the 17 million total people are there illegally). So obviously, places will pay you "under the table" if you are good at what you do.

(6)The climate in LA is similar to Brasil--and there are lots of Brasilians who already live there who you can make friends with (I used to be married to a Brasilian, so I can attest to this). They have lots of Brasilian parties, and are always looking for good Brasilian DJs or musicians for their parties.


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Thanks all for the help.........this forum rulezzz!!!