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I'm thinking in living in Brazil for 3 months. Is it easy to find a job? I do speak fluent English,Spanish and somewhat Italian but unfortunately not Portuguese but I can start working on it. Do I need a Visa or something? where is the main place where I can actually find a job..... I mean I have been a bartender so even that is cool and I also have experience working at restaurants as well or souvenirs stores...

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The easiest job to find in brasil for a foreigner is teaching english. Schools want native teachers badly. But stay away from the big schools (fisk, wizard, ccaa, cna,). The pay is terrible b/c most of their money goes to advertising. Best bet is schools that just caters to companies. They pay about R$14 an hour but teaching executives, they pay on average R$40 an hour. Big difference. But keep in mind exectutives only want classes in the morning and after work, which could created few hours for you. But there is no demand right now since economy has same problems as the states, so they will pay less (more native teachers available). Just look hard and make sure u know what present perfect is.......lol As for other jobs, its slightly possible but you have a better chance of teaching. The hardest place to find is in Rio since there are too many foreigners there. Sao Paulo pays the best. Smaller the city, less pay.

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