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My girlfriend and I are leaving Cuzco on the evening of the 20th or morning of the 21st of August and need to be in La Paz by the 23rd.

We are looking for advice on the best parts of Lake Titicaca to see on the way. We have heard that the Isla de Sol is well worth stopping at (maybe more so than Puno?!) but want to know anything about the buses available / things to do etc....

We only have a couple of days in Cuzco so we may even want to spend an extra day there and simply bomb over to copacabana and then on to La Paz in a couple of days...

Any advice would be appreciated!


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Hiya, I got an overnight bus from Cuzco to Puno, then a Copacabana bus from the Puno bus station a few hours (7am?) after arriving. I arranged to pay for both sectors of the trip at the Cuzco bus station... but you could just deal with each separately... the bus to Copacabana arrived around lunchtime after going border customs (money exchange available there), the bus operators also asked for a small but bogus payment from western passengers as they approached Copacabana!

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if you want to go to Puno, you need 3 days , one day ride from cusco to puno and then spend on the island , overnight on the island and the next day return to puno city . then you can go to copacabana very early also a very ncie city

In cusco how many days you are interested to spend there ?

good luck


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Be aware that the border is not open all day long. It closes at 5 or 6 pm, depending on the time zone. Bolivia is 1 hour ahead of Peru.

I suggest to do as recommended above, i.e. take a bus to Puno, and then a bus to Copacabana, and finally a bus to La Paz. The highlights of Lake Titicaca are: the Uros islands on the Peruvian side (30 minutes away by boat from Puno harbor), the Amantani and Taquile Islands (2 days tour with a home-stay in Amantani from Puno), the Sun a Moon Islands (1 or 2 days tour from Copacabana).

Have a safe trip,

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Cheers guys,

So would a good plan be to leave Cuzco on a night bus - get into Puno very early (and kip on the bus for a few hours until day breaks) - go down to the harbourside and get a tour of the Uros islands / taquile - stay the night in Puno and get an early bus to Copacabana - Spend the night on the Isla de Sol - Get up early to get to La Paz

Would that work - I wish we had longer to do the lake!


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Don't bother too much about Titicaca; there's better things to see where you're heading.

It's a long time since I've been in the area, but I seem to recall I had a direct bus from Cusco to Copacabana (or at least a VERY smooth connection. I can't remember having been in Puno at all). I spent two nights there, which frankly I thought was too much. Isla del Sol is a nice place, but not that nice; I can't speak about the other islands in the lake from personal experience, but I'd suppose they are equally not-so-interesting.

So, instead of rushing to catch three islands, I'd head straight to Copacabana, spend a night on the shore or on the island, and then head on to La Paz.

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its a shame you don't have a bit longer there as it is worth taking in. personally, i didn't think much of puno, but thats where you go to uros and taquile from. i would recommend this trip more than isla de sol. its also possible to get the boat to isla de sol in the morning and spend a few hours there then get the boat back in the afternoon, but you don't have the time to trek across the island.

off topic - are you planning on cycling the worlds most dangerous road from la paz to coroico?