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1. Posted by quick90 (Budding Member 18 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Alright, need a couple opinions on what size bag to get. I will be doing a two month trip throughout europe from Sept 15-Nov 11, and traveling from south to north. So I will be in some colder weather. I am planning on bringing (including what I would be wearing)

6 T-shirts
1 Polo
1 Long sleeve button up
1 hoodie (probably)
2 Jeans
2 Pairs of shorts
7 Boxer-Briefs
7 pairs ankle socks
One super thin water-resistant/wind-resistant jacket
1 Medium weight, short length motorcycle type jacket (made of cotton I think)
1 short Bomber style winter coat (but not the super heavy type, a little bit lighter, and will put in one of those bags with a one way valve to squeeze the air out of)
One pair of Sneakers
One pair of flip flops

Toiletries in toiletry kit
50ml cologne
contact lens solution/case
small tube of stuff for acne spots lol
Some spot stain remover for clothing
A little bit of dry laundry detergent
Small hairbrush
Small bottle shampoo, and body wash

Clothes line

Sony psp and charger, camera with charger, cell phone with charger, mp3 player

And a small day bag that can fit inside the main backpack

thinking about a couple of these:



I won't be buying anything else to take home. I'm thinking a 50L pack, would a 40L be too small? Thanks, Braden

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With that packing list you might manage with a 35 l bag.

Only take a 50 l bag if you know that you won't fill up the extra space with clutter that you might need on your trip.

Packing cubes are a waste of money if you ask me, you can get the same effect with cheap and thin plastic trash bags and rolling your stuff. Even better, the plastic bags weigh less.

Small foldable backpack: See Rick Steves' website for an excellent example or look at the Nordisk Nott.

Tip: Rethink whether you really need the winter cloak. If you aren't heading for Scandinavia it might be smarter to pack another sweater. (I suppose the motorcycle jacket is rain and windproof?) Usually travellers have one light wind- and waterproof jacket that works well in cool rainy summer weather and that becomes a lightweight winter jacket when worn with a zip-in fleece jacket or a warm sweater.

6 T-shirts is a bit much, I would take 3 and wash more often. I also see that you have a polo shirt? Then bring the poloshirt, 1 other t-shirt, 1 tank-top, 1-long sleeved t-shirt (or the button-up), 1 sweatshirt. And the jeans are heavy, I would leave 1 jeans and 1 short at home and bring a zip-off microfibre pant instead. Actually, I would leave both jeans at home and combine thin polyester-fibre pants/zipp-off pants with a pair of thermal underwear (long johns) to save weight. Jeans are almost impossible to wash on the road.

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3. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3289 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Your new packing list

1 tank-top (light or matching color so that you can wear it under the button-up for warmth)
1 T-shirt
1 Polo
1 Long sleeve button up
1 hoodie
1 fleece that goes under your jacket
2 zip-off polyester-fibre/microfiber pants
5 Boxer-Briefs
5 pairs ankle socks
One super thin water-resistant/wind-resistant jacket
One pair of Sneakers
One pair of flip-flops that double-function as sandals

cosmetics and rest as you wrote

You need to buy: microfibre zip-off pants, 1 fleece

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Hey t_maia, thanks for the response.

What you said made perfect sense to me. A couple of things I want to mention. The "motorcycle" jacket is like motorcycle style, sort of cotton type denim (but not a jean jacket). So no, it's not waterproof. Also, I'm a larger guy (6'2), so I would rather bring more clothes than the bare minimum necessary, while carrying a larger pack, in order to have to wash less and have more selection in what to wear. I live in Canada, and live in jeans during the spring, summer, and winter. I would prefer to wear designer denim than polyester type pants which I hate. Even though it's a pain to wash, I would prefer looking more like a local as well.

I don't really see a huge advantage of fleece over a hoody. A hoody is less ugly?

And yea, I was debating the winter coat, but it is a small one, and not too thick. It's not like a REAL $400 winter coat. haha but I'm just thinking at nights and stuff towards the end of my trip it might come in handy.

So you think with that list a 40L or 45L should be big enough then?

5. Posted by t_maia (Travel Guru 3289 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Yeah, a 40-45 liter should be large enough.

In regards to the winter cloak: You'll be dealing with temps around plus(!) 5 C at the lowest if you stick to the initiary that you wrote about in your first post. So the motorcycle jacket and a sweater will be enough, you don't need a winter cloak. You can get the same warmth if you dress in layers, which is also why I recommended a thin fleece to wear under the motorcycle jacket or the light rain proof jacket. A fleece will be lighter and more versatile than the wintercloak.

Europeans dress differently from North Americans. To you a hoody is less ugly than a fleece, but in European eyes it is the other way around. Also grown men do not wear shorts that end above the knee in Europe, if you are under 30 you'll look more stylish in 3/4 cropped pants.

Jeans: Since you are determined, take 2, one that you wear and one that is in your bag and one other non-jeans pant.