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hey all

planning my first trip to brazil and was wondering if someone can take half my worries away by answering basic some questions?

1)Im travelling on a budget of around 2500USD(not inc flites),i plan to stay for a max 2 weeks,maybe less,is is this enough?
i mean im not a big shopper or an expensive eater.

2)what is the current price of a standard local beer,meal?just rough estimates peeps,the reason im asking is ive heard conflicting opinions on this,some saying its expensive,some saying it very affordable

3)I dont speak a word of portugese,will this be a prob or should i be able to get by,this is prob my main concern as ive never been to a non english counrty before?

also id feel much better hiring a translator/tour guide,any reputable ones you know of

thanks to anyone who can share some thoughts


the citylights

2. Posted by bentivogli (Respected Member 2398 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

1) even though Brazil is one of the more expensive destinations in SA, I wouldn't be able to spend $2500 there in just two weeks. This is really quite enough; you could even get by on half of that

2) a cheap but okay hotel in Sao Paulo is about 75$ a night for a double; in the interior of SP state, you get something more fancy for that money. Can't speak of the other states as I haven't been north of Sao Paulo. As to meals: even in SP, a decent dinner starts at around $10 (mall restaurants), suppose it's cheaper up north. Going out for a drink is quite expensive in the cities, but almost free if you buy a tray of beer in the supermarket and drink it in a park

3) in my experience, not being able to speak portuguese will totally shut you out from social contact with the locals, but it won't impede your travels. Really nobody in southern Brazil seems to speak any English at all; it helps if you speak Spanish, which most people seem to understand quite well. Fortunately, a smile really gets you a long way. Be extremely patient and flexible, don't get upset about minor inconveniences, and you'll be just fine

4) be careful whose services you hire. Most personal guides/translators are only after your money. This is not just in Brazil, but everywhere.

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1) thats more than enough money for 2 weeks.
2) i'm can't remember much about the costs, but its really that expensive for food and beer.
3) i speak no portuguese and found that this was a problem is sao paulo, cos hardly anyone there speaks english. however, in the more touristy parts - foz, rio, buzios and salvador - you'll generally be fine as there are english speakers there.
4) i don't think you really need a guide or an interpretor if you're going around where i've mentioned above. i have no experience of other parts of brazil so can't offer any guidance for them. but if it makes you more comfortable then definately look into it.

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sorry - meant to say NOT that expensive for food and beer.

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