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I am thinking of buying a Canon 450D (will be my first dslr) and would like some advice about lenses. I would prefer as few lenses as possible for travelling and would initially like to have a zoom lens up to 200 or 250mm. I also plan to buy a wide angle lens. I have read a lot of mixed opinions about the following questions and would like the advice of people on this forum -

1) What are the advantages/disadvantages of a 18-200mm lens in place of the twin lens kit 18-55 + 55-200?

2) What are the advantages/disadvantages choosing either the Canon 18-200mm, Sigma 18-200 or Tamron 18-250?


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Hi Mark,
The lens ranges you have stated come with advantages & disadvantages.
large zoom ranges such as 28-200mm generally come at the cost of optical quality and weight. Canon have the onboard IS (image stabiliser) which is very usefull if intending to use at the longer zoom range. IS can gain the equivelant of and f.stop (e.g. 3.5 instead of 4.0).
Look at this Lens review for the ones you are looking into.
Personally i'd opt for 2 lenses to get you through the range (e.g.17-55 or 24-70 & 70-200 or 75-300), ok you will have the hastle of changing lens, but it'll give you more flexability when shooting.

Budget will dictate what you buy in the end, canon lenses cost more (L range is the better quality) Sigma also has different quality ranges (Red band is the higher).
Sigma lenses are noisier than the canon (the auto focus motors) and the image stabiliser are different, but don't be afraid to look at them.

Hope it helps a bit, it's a personel choice, you need to go and use them (take the out of the shop and into natural light) to see if what you intending to get covers the zoom range and quality your looking for.


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Thanks for the advice...definitely takes me a step closer to making a decision. Atm I think I will stick to Canon lenses and that the benefits of multiple lenses in place of one with a large zoom range outweighs other options. But yeah its time I stop relying on internet advice and get out to the shops to try the products for myself!!!

Thanks again,

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Quoting Budges

..Atm I think I will stick to Canon lenses...

It's where the money should be going. Bodies change too often to really count.

And there's secondhand. Mostly 'amateur used only' as everyone's upgrading. ;)