Three weeks in Oz, three weeks in NZ - what to do?!

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My friend and I are doing a trip which flies us in and out of Melbourne then into Auckland and out of Christchurch.

We have three weeks in each (hopefully the flights will be kind).

What would you do? Or what did you do?

I really want to do the extreme activities in New Zealand so bunjee jumping, sky diving, black/white water rafting..other ones that I don't know of.

In Australia we're thinking heading up the East Coast and back down again. There's an island with penguins off Melbourne we want to visit. Don't want to miss Sydney, Brisbane or Cairns either. How would you go about it? And how long would you recommend in each? Definitely want to get to the Barrier Reef..the place to go for that is Cairns, yes?

As for organised tours, we've seen loads advertised in STA Travel (for example) but we're guessing they can be sorted easily and more on the cheap when you're out there? What are your experiences?


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Rafting in New Zealand is pretty awesome. It depends exactly when you are going, but it may well be worth checking out the Rangitata River just south of Christchurch are great guys to go with. The other adventure stuff is good to do in Queenstown. Try out Shotover Jet. Its awesome. Have a great time.

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If you are going up the East Coast I would def recommend Whitsunday Islands Boat tour (you can do 1,2 or 3 nights and you could also do Great Barrier reef on this trip) and Fraser Island (again you can do 1,2 or 3 days) we did 3 days on each tour and they were by far the best things along the East Coast!


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Try checking the likes of expedia out as they have a whole list of activities. In my opinion check otu queenstown in the south island of NZ for all the activites. Rotoura in the north island its got a hot springs park which is pretty cool.

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Don't forget to nature trip in North Queensland where the magnetic island is there. Also check the Gold coast where foreigners as well as vacationist prefer that place because of the beautiful beaches and pubs. Also have great restaurants that I usually prefer Thai foods which is that good.

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Thanks all. We have now booked our flights and managed to get a month in oz and a month in nz - amazing! We'll be flying into brisbane and greyhounding it down to melbourne, that will then be followed by the kiwi experience around both the islands in nz.

We're gonna do fraser island too as we've heard great things about it. Cheers for the advice. Now all we need to do is work out what to do in oz really..