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1. Posted by MikeAllen (Full Member 129 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Been trying to get my head around this for a few weeks now but no luck yet.. I am off to aus in september and want to buy a campervan with my girlfriend such as this one.. http://darwin.gumtree.com.au/c-Cars-Vehicles-Motorbikes-Parts-caravan-campervan-motor-home-TOYOTA-HIACE-POP-TOP-BACK-BOX-EDITION-CAIRNS-CAMPER-VAN-W0QQAdIdZ141240925 my question is this is the rego only has a few months on it such as this one (WA REGO) can i just renew it over the internet?

If no where can i renew a rego?

How much do they cost to renew?

Do they have to have a mechinical inspection before the rego can be renewed? If yes where?

Should i defiantly only buy a campervan with a long rego as i will be driving around the outside of aus for about 6 months.

Thanks for your help


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Hi Mike vehicle registration varies from state to state I'm not sure how it works in WA but you can check out the WA department of transport site for more info. After a quick read it doesn't look like you'll need to have it inspected and can pay online or by phone to renew, but have a read for yourself.

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Getting a campervan with long rego would be the best by far. If registered in NSW the vehicle will need to be inspected before rego can be renewed. And that can be a hassle and costly if there are any problems. Oil leaks are common in older vehicles and usually need to be repaired before the rego can be renewed. Can be costly!!
You might pay a little more for a vehicle with long rego but worth the extra cost. It doesn't guarantee you won't have problems but it gives you a bit of piece of mind.
Try to buy one that has enough rego for the time you intend to be here. And when you sell it, sell it with at least a couple of months rego on it.
In theory, if the vehicle has just passed rego it will be mechanically sound (in theory I said) and you hopefully can have a trip without putting your hand in your pocket for repairs.
My philosophy has always been: you get what you pay for.
Here's a tip. Four wheel drive vehicles seem to becoming a bit more popular here for travellers. They can be big but usually run on diesel so running costs can be reasonable. They have a lot of room and are designed for going off road, you can sleep in them and parts should be readily available.
Toyota four wheel drives are popular here. They might drive like a truck sometimes but you'll be able to get off the beaten track more.
If you're hiring a campervan most of the companies will NOT let you drive them off the main roads.