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Hi All-

I'm hoping to have two to three months this spring/summer to do some traveling though Europe. I'd love to improve my Spanish language skills at an immersion course in Spain. Any advice on a good program/school/location? I'd want to be able to sight-see while I'm not in the classroom, so a central location is preferable. Anyone ever attended one of these schools?

After I am fluent in Spanish (hey, I better be after how much it costs!) and have seen the sites in Spain & hopefully Portugal, I want to trek across France (really want to see the old family in Cahors/Bergerac), Italy (everything!), and the UK (esp. Ireland) before heading off on a Baltic cruise. Any tips for traveling through these countries? Safe to travel alone? Best means of transportation? Must-see spots? Accomodation recommendations? I'm just starting to plan, so any advice is greatly welcomed!

liz :)

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Hey there Liz,
I am planning to travel through France, Spain, and Italy this spring too. I am moderately fluent in spanish but want to improve it, and learn french and italian from scratch. I haven't any info on schools but from my experience full immersion as you're planning is leaps and bounds more helpful than mere classes. You're combining them is pretty much a guarantee of being fairly fluent.

I have a work visa for UK so after 3 months or so travelling europe I will be back here to work on organic farms and the like.

Maybe we can exchange info and advice received on this forum. Through our travels maybe we'll cross paths.

Hasta Luego!

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I am Oscar a 24 male from California. I also went to Europe this year and would love to go again next year. I bought a 2 month train pass and landed in Paris. I would love to go again next year with some travel companions. I would love to get a group togothere and travel to all the places you guys mentioned.

Tambien Hablo EspaƱol.