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21. Posted by colinmc (Full Member 129 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

yeh thats about right i only fly with emirates if im going that way in the world, iv seen flights for £400 but u always get rubbish times and long waits between connections, i think im paying about £730pp give or take for our flights,id only ever recomend emirates tbh dubai airport is amazing and the staff are outstanding,plus u get like 700 channels on a screen infront of u with about 20 movie channels at ur control,plus the food is pretty goodlike i say thats only my opinion iv only ever flew with BA or emirates and 1s or twice with mytravel (and wouldnt again) so im mayb not the best 2 ask about deals sorry...ill email u tho a site i know that i seen on here that compaires airlines..also have u bookd somewer to stay before u go id advise booking a hotel for the 1st 3 nights only.

22. Posted by Bervie (Budding Member 6 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Cheers. defintately booking first couple of nights in bangkok and then we are undecided at the moment about whether to prebook anything else. Planning on going up north first (kanchanaburi, ayutthaya & Chaing mai) and then ending down south (Phuket, ko lanta, ko phi phi & krabi). Having read a lot of posts on here, consensus seems to be to just wing it when you get out there....need to think bit more, but plenty of time still :)

23. Posted by colinmc (Full Member 129 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

yeh defo just wing it wen u get ther abit of personal advice as this happend to me DONT!!! book anything from "travel agents" the are over priced and more often than not it wont be as u wer told, i book a "private bus" to pick me up in surat thani when i got off the train to take me to krabi, wen i got ther ther was no bus for 3hours so i had 2 wait about in a cafe where i was hounded to by drinks and food every so often, then wen the bus did turn up i was told i would have to change bus from some town as there was no bus from surat thani to krabi, wen i got to the 2nd bus it turnd out to acctuly be a public bus, which my ticket didnt cover me for, luckily there was a girl on the bus who understood english and she explaind to the ticket man what had happend and he didnt charge me, so 3hours later i arrive at krabi very very tired after just spending what felt like 12hours on a train (and it wasnt far off) to be told i couldnt get off the bus with the locals i had 2 wait, they then took me to some tourist bus station about 10mins outside town were we HAD to get a tuk tuk from at triple the price, eventuly i gave in and accepted that this was how these people had to live and got one of there tuk tuks, 30mins later i arrived at ao nang and at my "lake side lodge" outside there were a nmber of teenagers on scooters hanging about, i went to find the manager and it turnd out one of them was the manager, abit cautious i followed him up a very dirty n unkept path to my "lodge" the door handle was very weak and was the thickness of the door which caused me alarm for leaving my bags ect at night with thoughs teens hanging about, but been extreamly sleepy and to be honest pretty pi$$d off with thai people i enterd the room, very baisic and not to appealing but a bed all the same, i thought if i have a shower and a sleep when i wake up all will be good, when i opend the door of the toilet the smell of urine was overwhelming, i grabd my bag and left not even creasing the bed sheets,

i had bookd that room for 2nyts and 5nights at lodges on phi phi after seeing the state of that hotel and reading some reviews on the internet i didnt even bother going to see the one on phi phi, in total that cost me £400 and that wasnt inc the train fair.

so what im getting it is dont book rooms in advance go into the hotel and ask to look at the room then ask the price NEVER accept the 1st offer,

good luck and i hope us dont fall victim to one of these scams