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1. Posted by therookie (Budding Member 18 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

I am going to be in Europe (Italy, France, Belgium, Amsterdam) for 3 weeks and I simply want an easy to use phone where I can receive calls from my friends/family at home and text people we meet but am having trouble picking one. (I will probably just buy calling cards there and use the phone to call to the calling card and then on to my friends instead of using the phones minutes.)

The one I am looking at is this:

I don't understand this part of it:

  1. FREE Incoming Calls in France, Italy, Spain and the UK (on the Global number)

  2. FREE for family and friends to call you (30 minutes free call time in total. A per minute surcharge applies thereafter)

Does this mean that friends and family can call me for free (free to me; they just use their air time) if I am in the first 4 countries listed and it costs me after 30 min if I am not in those countries?

Or what would you guys recommend? Should I just wait and buy a cheapo phone when I get to Italy and then a new sim when in France etc?


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I think what this means is it is always free for you to receive calls in those countries.

The latter is for your family and friends, that they also get to call you for free for the first 30 minutes total.

Mind you, that's how I read it though it is confusing. The actual sim card you get is this one (Passport Lite 5 US$), where it says

free incoming calls (in selected destinations), Auto-Recharge service, and convenient online account management. Plus your family and friends can call you for free (to themselves, you just pay a small surcharge per minute)!

Just a note about calling a number from your cell phone to then use the calling card number. That doesn't really sound very cheap to me? You'll be paying both the cell phone minute charges and the calling card minute charges? Skypeout might be an option? I use it all the time and quality is excellent.

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I've been searching for one for a two month trip I am taking in 5 weeks. The best I could find was

The rates are pretty good too.

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4. Posted by therookie (Budding Member 18 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

The reason I was going to call from my mobile to the calling card and then out to the USA was that is what I did when traveling in Australia and NZ and thought it might be similar?

I also thought that it meant that my friends and family could call me and it would bill them except for the bit about 'a small surcharge to you'... (?)

Would it just be cheaper to buy a mobile and sim card there in italy?

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