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Anyone going / been to Ibiza? I've never been.

Just wanting to know of any good places to stay.

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It depends what kind of holiday you are going on. If you are going for a clubbing holiday I would definately recommend staying in Ibiza Rocks. Its got a great party atmosphere day and night and it is close to the westend.

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Ive been to Ibiza twice and love it, if i won the lotto I would buy a mansion there and party party party.

It really depends what you want from Ibiza to where you should stay..... do you like to start drinking early, do some bar crawls and home by 2/.3 am..... or going out a littler and still clubbing into the next day... or a more peacful area with sandy beaches and old town feel?

this is a good site.



Emma x

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If your a clubber Ibiza rocks without a doubt!