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Hey all, just wanted to get as many opinions as poss as to where everyone likes the most in and around the Perth area. As I have said before we are looking to go out to Perth and spend a year around the Perth area and am trying to find out the best places to live and work around perth.
We have been before and stayed in coogee and Freo and loved them both.
Any thoughts?

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Hi Ricardo

I lived and worked in Perth for 9 months last year while backpacking around Australia.
Work wise its probably the best place. I worked in loads of Admin jobs and had no problem getting work, i was over there when the recession hit but it didnt really effect the backpackers that much.. construction work for the boys is booming there too as is mining jobs and oil and gas if your able to do that? Also trades, elecys, Plummers etc are sought after big time here.
I lived in an apartment right in the city. Stayed in a hostel the first few weeks but its fairly cheap to get a place. Me and my bf had a 1 bedroom aptment with a pool and it was brilliant for walking to work and stuff. Saying that i had friends in a house share in a place called Como which was a lot cheaper and had their own pool, bit of a way out the city though.
Best places to live...Subiaco, Mount Lawley, Scarborough beach are all gorgeous and the first 2 are only a stop away on the train. Theres a free transport service in Perth called the CAT, its a bus that runs every 5 mins or so all over the city and its completely free!
I really liked Perth, at first, after spending so much time over East i felt really isolated from everything. Perth isnt a huuuge city and you kind of miss the buzz from places like Brisbane and Sydney. Saying that the people are soo friendly and the weather is sooo nice. I arrived in July though and it was freezing had to buy a heater and everything! But once summer kicks in make sure you have aircon
Fremantle is beautiful and make sure you go wine tasting in the swan valley! We went for a week up to Broome and it is thee most amazing place i have ever been its just stunning and soo chilled out, you have to go!
Were trying to get residency right now and Perth will be our future home :) Let me know if you want any help with work contacts or real estate etc.
Have an amazing time!

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I lived in Cottesloe for a while and I really liked it there. It's supposed to be expensive but I found a place to stay that was dirt cheap only 5min from the beach, which btw is amazing! Might not be that much to do although you got the OBH and the Cott for great sunday sessions! :). And Freo isn't far away!

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Cheers for your thoughts guys. Had a look and they all look really nice. Might just have to flip a coin and see where we end up.:)