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I'm heading to Sydney at the beginning of November on my own....ekkk!!! I have a HWV so hoping to settle there for a while although Im not sure yet!

I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice or suggestions about where to stay?

I was thinking about staying in a hostel for the first week and then hoping to meet people to share a more long-term place with. But I have been reading the reviews about the hostels Base, Wake Up! and YHA Central...and get the feeling that perhaps they are a bit impersonal and I wont meet anyone of a similar age of 25!?

Now Im thinking of perhaps organising before I leave to stay with a month-long flat share (set up for travellers).

Is anyone else planning anything similar? Or got any experience in what I should do?

Thanks everyone xxxxx

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:)Hey :)

I stayed at WakeUp last year, and yer your kind of right, its a very big hostel and therefore loads of people and a lot harder to meet people as there wasnt a place where everyone hangs out as such. theres a brilliant bar downstairs but this is known by all the backpackers and everyone goes there whether your staying at wake up or not..
Me and my friends stayed at a hostel about 2 mins walk from Wakeup called Legend Has it West End..look at the website. I went there because it was so much cheaper than the others and a good location. We met loads of people there as theres a huge kitchen and they do loads of themed nights like cheese and goon and bar crawls etc! It had a really good vibe and everyone seemed to mix with everyone whereas in wakeup people seemed to just be staying there a night or so and moving on. It Legend, they have a dorm room called the church and it sleeps something silly like 24 people, its really cheap and could be a great wy to meet people?
Good luck anyway, im sure you wont have any trouble meeting loads of like minded people like yourself! :)

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I'm dealing with the same issue trying to figure out where to stay when I get there for the first 5 days. I'm headed up to Byron Bay after that, which is a 8 hour bus ride up the coast. If you get up to byron check out a hostel called THE ARTS FACTORY, I know a friend who works there who is gonna show me around.

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Hi Kimmy, Don't worry about meeting people, when I was in Sydney it took me about 3 weeks to meet people. Its call the Sydney blues. I was on my own for a while, the only good part about it was I got to see loads of sights, and read a lot.

Finally when I did meet people, it was great, and as for age. Our group ranged from 19 almost 30. Plus a lot of old people backpack, though it is a youth hostel. They are great for getting ideas from, and shearing a beer with. Most important thing is not to be hung up on age. I stayed at YHA Railway SQ, and it was the best.

Im back off next year to New Zealand on a WHV and then back to Australia. Best thing I ever did. Don't worry if you don't have all the answers before you leave, I just got on the plane and left it to chance. I still remember landing in Sydney Airport and thinking "omg what have i done" lol Also just so you don't worry, the runway at Sydney airport goes a good way out in to the sea, and you can't see it when you land.

Any questions just send me a message.

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Thanks for being honest about the Sydney blues! But you're so right about me just doing it rather than having all the answers first!

Do people normally book a hostel for a bit before they leave the UK or just the first night or two and then see what happens?

Also THANKS for letting me know about the landing strip being in the sea as I hate flying, so would prob have had a heart attack if I hadn't of known that!!!!

What did you do when you were in Oz?


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Well Like I said i left everything until the last min. I didn't book a hostel till i landed, and I had to walk around Sydney for about 45 mins. But it turned out alright, I ended up at the YHA railway SQ really nice hostel. Central and wakeup are hard places to meet people as they are so big. I never stayed at base so not sure about that one.

But everyone appered to come to railway SQ. When i was their on a tues, and thurs we had BBQ night which was a good way to meet people, but since i ended up being staff i Knew everyone lol, plus i got loads of free stuff, food, cheaper accomidation.

I would say, stay in a hostel and get to know some people, then move on to better accomidation. One thing i will say is, in Sydney their is alot of flat shares, but you end up sharing with 8 people in some cases as my friend (who i met in a hostel) found out.

Anymore info, just mail :)

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There are lots of safe and cheap hostels in Manly. I stayed there for 6 months it was perfect.

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Hey Kimmy, try Home hostel on Elizabeth st in Sydney CBD, right in the centre, great location!! When I was there it wasn't the cleanest hostel - not too bad though And you'll meet loads of people straight away in the communal bbq area, I was there for one day before meeting lots of people to drink and have fun with, made some great friends there!!

Have fun