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1. Posted by baluba (Respected Member 407 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I have searched the threads and read a million reviews on various cameras but still cannot make up my mind!

Currently I am using a Canon 450d which I just adore but I need a back up camera.

I shall be heading to the Bolivian rainforest to spend around 12 months working with wild animals. Where I am staying has no electricity. Daily I shall be heading into the jungle and so dont want to be lugging around my DSLR every day.
I do have a Gorilla solar charger for it by the way.
What I really need is this...

A camera that takes AA batteries, can withstand extreme heat, humidity and being knocked around a bit. I want a decent zoom for the stuff up in trees and a decent macro for stuff below them, decent shutter lag and hopefully continuous shooting for stuff that moves plus an image stabiliser. It can be pretty dark in the jungle and many animals are not happy with flash so I need high ISO capabilities without too much loss of picture quality. Plus a viewfinder. Am I asking too much?

At the moment I think maybe I have narrowed it down to either the Canon Powershot 590is or the Canon Powershot A1100is. I looked and quite liked the Panasonic LZ10 but the shutter lag is pretty dire.

If anyone can suggest anything else I would be grateful or help me decide between the other two.....please!!!??