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hi, my name is eve.

I am soooo glad to have stumbled upon this web site - from what i have read i'm sure you'll be able to help!

I am a 49 year old solo traveller who has 5 weeks to explore Oz and New Zealand.

I have been to oz before 2 years ago saw sydney - went into the outback a bit, lightening ridge, byron bay, whitsundays.

I thought, maybe, i would do 2 weeks in oz and 3 in NZ. Idunno though, i feel that i don't knowmuch at the moment. I thought i'd go to the Blue Mountains - Katoomba - coz i loved it so much last time i went and then maybe Uluru - and then nip over to NZ for 3 weeks. I know nothing at all about NZ i pick up guide books but am so blinded by all the info - i can't see the wood for the trees! i dn't even know what island to go to or do i go to them both - do i have time? Any thoughts on a budget itinery there.

And what do you think about my oz idea - do you think it's really worth going all that way to Uluru or could you suggest anything else.

I will be travelling from Mid January - to end of Feb.

Even though I travelled to Oz last time alone - I met friends who were already out there - but i did some travelling alone - which i found fine - I went on excursions and stuff.

But this time there will be no one to meet greet and ease me in. I wouldn't mind some like minded travel companions.

Even though i am 49 Urgggggggggg!!! I don't look it. I'm fit - and i like to laugh Lots! - i like adventures and stuff.

Anyway, i'm rambling now. Thanks for taking the time to read this - and i would sooooooooo appreciate any imput you could give me - coz, even though it's silly - i'm feeling and bit flakey!!!!!!!! - at the moment - but that will change!!!!!!!!

Cheers, and thanks again for your time

Look forward to hearing from you


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Hi Eve, I don't have any advice unfortunately... but would love to hear about your adventures -- are you planning to keep an online jounal??

I'm heading 'down unda' in the spring (for a year or so) and also starting feel the nerves! But half the fun is anticipation, right?!

cheers (have a blast!)

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Hi Eve,

I haven't got any Oz-related advice for you either, more trying to make you feel comfortable travelling alone.

In January 1996 I set off with my 5-year-old son for a 3-month trip to Asia. The first month we were totally on our own, I'd booked our flight tickets to Hong Kong + our tickets Hong Kong-Bangkok and our flight back home from Jakarta 3 months later and that was it. We'd arranged to meet a couple on Bali in February but that first month was on our own. I hadn't booked a single hotel room or any flights from Thailand to Indonesia as I wanted the freedom to go whereever I wanted to.

It wasn't a problem at all. Everything went just fine. I have to admit that the last couple of weeks were hard, after 2½ months having the sole responsibility for a small kid, but still I'd do it again any time if I got the chance to do so.

I was in Australia 2 years ago, this time with my son (10 at that time) and my boyfriend and as you probably already know the Australians are the kindest most helpful people I've ever come across. So with my experience in travelling alone in Asia I don't see travelling on you own in Australia would be any problem at all. Just enjoy it, I envy you, wish it was me LOL

I know a few people who've been to NZ and they loved it, so your initial plan about 2 weeks in Australia and the last 3 weeks in NZ sounds really good to me. We went to Katoomba as well, and liked it, so that would be a good choice for you, it's lively so you'll easily meet other people there and as you're feeling a bit uneasy about being totally on your own, I think it would be good choosing to go places where you'd easily meet other people. You could fly from Sydney to Alice to visit Uluru, that would save you quite a bit of time, wouldn't it. You should be able to get a return ticket for about 350-400 AUD (check out Virginblue, guess they're your best option for flights within Australia).


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Hi Eve and welcome to Travellerspoint!

If you have been to Oz before, 3 weeks in NZ would be a good way to go. I (unfortunately) never made it there; lack of money... :( but from what I have heard 3 weeks is an ok amount of time to see both north and south island. We have a few travel helpers for NZ who should be able to help you out there on the dos/don'ts.

When it comes to Oz; I thought Uluru was worth it. I bussed it from Cairns (via a short stop in Darwin) all the way and even though it was about 3 days extra in the bus I thought it was worth it just to have seen it in sunset and at dawn. If you are planning two weeks in Oz, that should leave plenty of time to see Uluru and the Blue Mountains, at the very least! Since you have been up the east coast already, why don't you head down south.

Melbourne at that time of year is hot, both temperature wise and popularity wise. If you are into tennis you can catch a few games at the Australian open in January (the end of I believe). Plus, if you fly into Sydney, it is only a short half hour flight (or 10-12 hours by train/bus) away. From there, the 12 Apostles and the Great Ocean Road are great getaways, especially at that time of year. And you could do a drive from Sydney - Blue Mountains - Melbourne - Great Ocean Road - Kangaroo Island - Adelaide very nicely in 2 weeks. If you speed it up, you could even fit a trip to Uluru in at the end if you fly there and then from there out to Sydney/NZ.

Oh, and nerves wise.... don't worry about it. Australians are some of the nicest folks :)


ps. let me know if you have any more questions I can help with!

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hi eve, sounds good, I am a north island new zealander and from my experiences all through my life here it has been wonderful awesome time excellent weather alot of stuff to do and you can relax kick back enjoy the scenary of the south island including the main city christchurch with skiing etc alot of adrenilin pumping sports hiking site seeing, viewing southern alps mountain ranges, since i am a northern girl i would recommend to visit the busiest city most populated nz city auckland for a while maybe cruize the auckland harbour in an organized guided fishing/speed boat. check out the sky tower and you would definetly find unbeatable cheap accomodation rates in auckland. wellington the capital of new zealand known as windy wellington a bit nippy down there with the famous goverment beehive, nice bays on a good summer day and other attractions, where i live is the northern most part of the north island of new zealand (northland) i have to say it is the most beautiful part of our country, really nice down to earth people that will be more then happy to show you around, alot of water sports and our seafood is the BEST in the WORLD, hire fishing charters and go zipping thru the sand dunes with 4wheel motorbikes which is a popular attraction , bath or tan on the beach, swimming, body board, this part of NZ is really unique, also see alot of the native nz culture the MAORI, fresh air and fresh forestry trees and greenary stroll thru our spectacular land scapes but bring your sunblock and your sportshoes if you come during the peak of summer (Dec/Jan/Feb), to fulfil and enjoy a typical kiwi (NZ) lifestyle vacation you have to come to Northland, NZ, attractions such as bay of islands where u can swim with the dolphins, magnif. coastland, and takes 30mins from east to west coast (in northland region)in a 4wheel drive vehicle youll surely get joys. so much to see and do, other popular places in NZ are rotorua with the hotsprings and mt ruapehu. the sky is your limit over here, here is a site that may help you organize http://www.experiencenz.com/ has some good links and guides, also say hello to our trans-tasman buddies over in australia :)) we big warm welcome you

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hi eve,

Only had a little bit of advice for NZ... we spent 5 weeks travelling round both islands and hired a car to do it...this is a really great way to see NZ as you have total freedom to see anything you want, we just drove and drove and drove!! We sorted out hiring a car through our hostel in Auckland...the ACB and they were brilliant... anyway i would really recommend travelling this way, try to get a deal where you drop the car off in wellington and pick up a new one in picton (or vice versa) as it saves you loads of money and you can travel on the ferry as a foot passenger. Also a one way hire is a good idea so you dont have to double back on your self....eg. fly into auckland spend 3 weeks driving to christchurch and fly out of christchurch. The scenery is so spectacular that you'll never be bored.

hope this helps and have a great time

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For NZ, I would recommend Rotorua and Taupo. Hells Gate is a vast thermal area that's magical. Also around there (middle of the North Island) is the Waitomo caves. Skip the tame stuff, - going through either in a rubber tyre or the abseiling option is the way to go. Even if doing it for the first time. Going up Mount Ruapehu is good value for a bit of a trek. (Just South of Taupo). Also, I think in Rotorua rather than Taupo, a good thing to do would be go to a Maori feast night (Hangi). The most amazing, wonderful food.

I lived in Auckland for a few years. Tourism? Mmm, ho hum, I don't think so. Nothing really exciting - pretty city but I prefer Wellington.

Going North from Auckland, the Bay of Islands is worth a visit. Paihia, Russell and Kerikeri are all pretty close to each other.

For the South Island, around Nelson and the Marlborough sounds is pretty good. Sea kayaking is good value around there. Queenstown is also good - I'd get a car and drive down the west coast rather than the east. The glacier is pretty good value on the way (Franz Joseph?) but a scary climb (it creaks and moves all the time and never shuts up) - good if you like thrill seeking though.

White water rafting on the Shotover River is magical. Walking the Milford Track is pretty spectacular too. I thought Fiordland was completely wonderful.

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Any questions you have on either destinations I can help out. Being Australian I can give you loads of advice in that department. + Earlier this year I backpacked Nz for 4 weeks. It was the most amazing experience I have had through my travels so far! The country is truly breath-taking!
I travelled with a company called Magic Bus, I couldn't give the company enough good words I tried! They were amazing. Check out their website, there are many tours where you could see both Islands in the time frame you have.
Definately don't miss out on seeing Rotorua in the North - For culture and thermal spas :)
Dont miss out on Wanaka and Queenstown in the South.
Drop me a line if you stumble across any other questions.

p.s if you are backpacking I can give you a list of great hostels to stay in too and which ones to avoid!!!