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My name is Darren and I am planning an around the world trip starting around June 2010 - June 2011.

I am hoping to do the following route. Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Australia(East Coast), New Zealand, Fiji, Chile, Beunos Aires or Peru, Panama or Mexico then up to L.A, Toronto, Iceland before coming back to the U.K.

Basically, this is the first time I have done such a trip, have visited many places but never consecutively on a RTW trip. For cost reasons I am hoping to spend as much time as possible in Asia and South America and limit my time in Australia/America to 2-3 months of the year.

I am hoping to start planning around now so I am not rushing around last minute when the time comes. First of all, I am looking at picking my exact route so if any of you have been to any above places or recomend any places I have missed out I would be grateful to hear, secondly my budget, if anyone has visited any places I have mentioned I would be interested to hear what would be a reasonable budget per day including accomodation and food. I have been doing a bit of reading myself but feel the best way to find out is to speak to those who have done it,

Basically any advice would be great but am at the moment looking at route and budget(So I know what to save etc)

Many thanks

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Darren, congrations youve made the big decision to go! You'll love it man! I was exactly in your position bout 3years (3 years!!) ago. m back here in Ireland now almost two, waow thats a while!

As for your route - you seem to have a good idea and route set out in your head already! Stick with it, people on here will try to make you go this way and that and only naturally as there is so many excellent places in the world to go see, but my experience is teaching me you have all your life to dream and see many other places, so the ones youve chosen (obviously you know the reasons why) now are the ones to go with.

As for cost I was like you, worrying bout the £xxx thousands it would take and how long it would last. I would again re-iterate the advice I took from this forum. Plan when your going, (which youve done to a certain extent), save from now to that date and GO!

I did, it this way. Planned to go in June/Jul 06, saved from then to Oct 2006 and left with my tickets booked, insurance, few new items (bag, clothes, totalling £2k), and left end of Oct 06 with approx £3.5k spending money for a years RTW trip. I worked 5months (not consecutively) in Oz out of 7, spent none of my money in Oz part from buying a car (which I still have), left, went to NZ, S.America and got back in UK exactly 12months from when I left, total money spent not counting Oz £7k. But this will be different for each RTW traveller. I see now some places I could have saved more an cut my overall costs but hey I dont mind that now, WHY, cause more importantly - I WENT and done it

and many times recently Ive considered just packing things in and head off with my bag on my back, a little cash in my pocket (NO CARDS THIS TIME) and my thumb out, who knows were Id end up!

Maybe even HOLLYWOOD!


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My plan is to save £500 per month for the next 10 months which will give me £5000 from my job, this shouldn't be a problem as I still live at home with parents so don't have many outgoings.

After christmas I will take a Saturday job which will hopefully add £250 per month which over 6 months will add £1250.

My Dad will probably give me £2000 as he gave both my brother and sister said amount when they were purchasing a new car, if I say I would prefer money for the trip I am sure he would give it to me.

That totals £8250 which I am hoping will exclusively be spending money.

Most tickets I have looked at are around £1500 or so which I roughly have saved at the moment.

I would also take with me a credit card with around £2000 for emergencies and to fund any special activities I do on the trip which will be outside my budget.

As I will no doubt not do such a trip again I want to do as much as possible, I will no doubt miss out on a few things as I won't be spending a large amount of time in one place but on the other hand I will be getting to see more of the world.

Having done a bit of research it seems $20-$25 is the standard budget for Asia and South America, Australia and NZ $70, America $75. I have also found that Iceland is fairly expensive so may just spend a week there, it will be the last leg of my trip anyway so will no doubt be exhausted.

I can't find much on Fiji in relation to cost, anyone got any tips? This is the place I want to go most to be honest, am looking at spending 4-6 weeks there.

Thanks to all who can offer any advice!

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Your estimates seem fairly reasonable. I'm planning a similar trip (apart from S America) and have come up with about the same figures. We're off in Oct 2010.

A friend gave me his spreadsheet from his trip last year. He recorded EVERYTHING he spent! I'm hoping not to be that anal, but it has been useful on the planning front! :)

4 months+ will be spent in Asia. We plan to spend a little longer in Oz, maybe 3 months. Our plan is to buy a campervan, which will save on hostel and travel costs. Hopefully we can sell it on at the end of our trip. Even if we can't, I've worked out it will still be cheaper than staying in hostels. Plus it will give us the freedom to explore at our pace. Because of budget concerns we've cut our US leg down to a few weeks.

One thing to consider would be an activity/big cost fund - trips, entrance fees, skydiving, bungee jumps, diving courses, etc - if you have an idea of the 'big' things you want to do while you're away. This can be kept seperate to your daily budget and may help you to calculate costs more accurately. Our campervan, big travel costs, visas, a few trips, etc, are in this budget. This helped me to work out what I can afford regarding daily budgets & time spent in countries etc.

I've calculated I'll need £10k minimum. Obviously things may change on the road, but adjustments can always be made. It should last if I'm careful.

All the best and maybe I'll see you on the road, hehe!