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Peru - Colombia Nov 2010

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1. Posted by Nicoulter (Budding Member 4 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!


I am travelling through Peru - Colombia - Brazil in November 2010
The plan is to start in Peru, do a few treks around Cuzco, Huaraz and Cordillerar then travel up through Colombia to the Caribbean (Cartagena / Santa Marta) for New Years then make my way through Brazil ending up in Salvador for Carnaval.
I am looking for some info on the best ways to do this, where the best parties are at, where i should avoid and where i should defininately not miss out on!

Also does anyone know of any music festivals / concerts / rave type things on in any of these countries around this time of year? Im pretty much going to play this whole thing by ear if something good is on Im going to do it!

Im also keen to find a few like minded souls to do a few treks, party and travel with as I will be solo for the Peru and Brazillian part of this trip. Im open for anyone with a sense of humour, adventure and enjoys taking calculated risks to up the excitement and make the whole trip a wilder experience.

Any info would be awesome

2. Posted by jamespcd (Budding Member 3 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Hi !!! Nick I am happy of the sense of traveling is sharing each time for more people around the world.
Well I can help you here in Peru. Well I dont know how much are u planing to stay in Peru, but if u stay here for more than one week will be great if u do the south tour wich it means Arequipa - Cuzco - Puno. Those 3 places are the most amazing places to go, trek and have fun. Its such a beautiful experience to be there. For example in Arequipa u will find the Colca Cannyon wich is the deepest in south america and the city is beautiful made of white rock. Cuzco you can do the Inka Trail (4days) is treking and seeing the landscape of teh higlands. And finally in Puno you will be able to go to lake Titikaka, wich is the highest lake. If u wanna go to Huaraz, is a beautiful place too and many things to do.
Let me know maybe I can join you in this trip aorund Peru. I love parties like you hahahaa


3. Posted by Nicoulter (Budding Member 4 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

yea im planning to stay there for two weeks to a month depending on what i get upto. i want to be in the north of colombia by a few days before xmas
i think im guna stick with the plan i put up before, not really too keen to go to titikaka unless i decide to go to bolivia whilst down there.. but thats unlikely due to time constraints
i think im going to try and get on board a 7 day alternative trek to machu pichu, not sure which one yet but it will happen
definately cool with anyone whos keen to party and check everything out to join the tour.
send me an private message if you can and ill give you my email address
party on

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