22 Year old Scottish Male ready to travel the world!

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1. Posted by alandoyle (Budding Member 3 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Happy Sunday!

Well, I've finished university, and been in the rat race while at Uni as well, but now, I'm seriously considering travelling at the start of November. This is a completely spontaneous idea mainly because come that time, I'll have no commitments in Scotland, and I'm thinking, hey, why not jsut travel the world.

I've got a few top places to go, mainly the states and oz, and then fine somewhere to work for a bit and see more of the world.

Its something I've been planning on doing for a while, and with a limited budget of just under £2000, I'll be looking to work for a bit as well.

Is there anyone in their late teens/early 20's whos in a similar situation and just wants to get out there and do something crazy??? If so, give me a shout, I'd love to hear from you!


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What a lovely adventure! Well, I wish I could leap in and join you but I can't... at least not yet. I'll be going to Cuba in January to visit family. After April I will be available to travel for a bit. Keep in touch if you'd like to join up here in the States. Happy trails friend. :)


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hi your plan is really great!
welcome to shanghai in china. i live here for more than 20 years. this is an amazing city. also there are many spots in china are nice and unique!
if shanghai is one of yr stops, i am willing to guide u.
travelling around the world in 20, is really very attractive for everyone. wish you happy:)


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Hey, I'm a little bit older than you wanted (27) but have took a year break from my job to go travelling and am going to SE Asia on around 19th Oct if you want to hook up at all. haven't decided where after that prob Oz and NewZealand.

Jen x

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Yes I am in my early 20's and currently travelling around the world for year or so... SE Asia at the moment then Oz for Xmas. Was last min decision to come and yes there are times when it gets friggin hard but on the whole its still better than being back home or otherwise that is where I would be at. That 2000 budget sounds a bit on the tight side, especially if your RTW flight is coming out of that, good effort all the same if you can manage off that. Should be ok workin in Oz etc but as far as SE Asia goes most spots only offer free accomo and food if you work for them as they can get locals in for peanuts

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I'm 22 and just finished uni.
Didn't have much luck finding a job so I booked a ticket to Australia one week ago and I leave in two weeks. A little bit of an impulse but I can't see a better time to go.

I say just get yourself out there and go for it. Bet you won't regret it.

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ahhhh i just spent 4 months in the states and had the time of my life! well im planning on hitting Oz in the new yr and planning on working out there til june. im going to travel the east coast and then from that decide upon a place in which i want to settle, from comparisons to other cities i think i would love sydney or melb. sydney is apparently like LA and melb like San Fran.
I too have just finished uni, and it seems the perfect time to travel, espec as there is a def lack of jobs right now! so what better thing to do then hit the big wide world! if we happen to be Downunder the same time we can def travel together! I see your basing most of your travel in Oz and USA but if you are planning on going to Europe in mid nov/ dec I will be there starting my travels!


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Hi alan, your post caught my eye as I'm 22, scottish and just finished uni! :) My friend and I are heading to Oz to work for a bit and then coming home the long way through asia (if all goes to plan..) We leave Feb. Perhaps paths will cross somewhere along the road!!

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I'm actually planning a similar thing once I get out of college as well but I still have another year in a half for that since I'm just halfway though my junior year now but I wish you the best of luck on this trip. Enjoy it!