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I am very confused on which destination to pick for my and my wife's one year anniversary. I'm 24 years old and cannot figure out which would be a better place..Cancun or Acapulco. I'm looking for a romantic vacation although I want to check out some amazing clubs. Anyone have any experiance with both?

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Several years ago the Mexican government decided that they needed a new resort area and it was determined that Alcapulco would be too expensive to rehabilitate and they wanted a Gulf Coast location. As a result Cancun was selected in order to build a newer and better international resort destination.

IMHO it was a wise decision because the infrastructure of Alcapulco is worn out, while Cancun is much more modern and cleaner with many more attractions.

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I've never been to either place but I've heard good things about both places. Cancun is pretty famous for its nightlife, so if you want to check out some good clubs, that's the place to go. But I've also heard that it can be quite expensive (the clubs). Try getting a last minute deal, as there always seems to be one for Cancun! Have a nice honeymoon!


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I have been to Cancun twice, never to Acapulco, but from what I here Acapulco sounds more romantic. If I were doing Cancun, I would probably stay further south for something romantic, maybe in Playa Del Carmen. If you aren't doing a package deal, check out the Blue Parrot Inn in Playa Del Carmen. Some friends of mine went there, and ended up getting engaged! So I know it's a romantic place. Plus, they have ROCKING fire shows every night!

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Well, I've been to both places. Acapulco twice and Cancun three times.

Which I would suggest depends on about three different things:

(1) When are you going?
(2) What does your wife (and you) like to do?, and
(3) Where are you coming from?

(1) Acapulco is great during the late November to March timeframe, with December being the high season when it's perfect to be there. Cancun, on the other hand, is nice starting around September and this continues to December, then is so-so from January to February, then gets great again from March to June. It's hot from June to August, but not rainy like Acapulco (and Puerto Vallarta) would be at this time. Be sure to avoid Acapulco from early October to mid-November (hurricane season).

(2) Both places have great clubs. Acapulco's caters more to the upscale group, whereas Cancun caters to the rowdy spring-breaker types (but like another poster pointed out, there are places in Playa del Carmen south of Cancun that cater to couples mostly).

The beaches in Acapulco are not as good as the north-facing beaches in Cancun, but probably better than the regular east-facing beaches in Cancun. I know this sounds weird, but you need to understand the Cancun hotel strip extends 15 miles long and has a variety of terrain. Playa del Carmen beaches also vary--the north is good , then it's kind of rocky in the middle, then it gets great when you go south of town. Also, there are a variety of places in Cancun and Playa del Carmen that cater to topless sunbathing, whereas in Acapulco it pretty much doesn't exist.

Acapulco has the cliff-diving and some excellent primarily-for-couples-only resorts, whereas most places in Cancun are for singles and couples mixed. I guess you could compare Acapulco to the north coast of Jamaica (Montego Bay and Runaway Bay) and Cancun to the west coast of Jamaica (Negril Beach). The exception in Cancun is the higher end places like Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach, Riu Resort, and El Presidente, which mainly cater to couples (and sometimes a few children).

Cancun has great snorkeling, good islands to visit (Isla Mujeres and Cozumel, and pyramids close-by). It also has numerous water parks and xenotes, whereas Acapulco's only close-by things are golf courses, and the Taxco silver mine and shops about two hours north by car or bus, plus the cliff diving I already mentioned. Lots of people who go to Acapulco combine it with a one or two day trip to Mexico City, since it's only a one-hour flight--and Mexico City has it's own large pyramids at Teotihuacan, has the Castle the french built when Napoleon's brother, Maximillian ran the country, it has it's own "Red Zone--called Zona Rosa), has the Guadaloupe shrine, and it has the best architectural museum in the world (showing examples from all the different tribes of Mexico).

Also, as someone mentioned, Acapulco is older since it was a popular spot back in the 1960s to 1980s primarily, whereas Cancun wasn't even built until around 1985 or so.

(3) To get there depends on where you live. If you live in the US on the east coast, Cancun is much closer. If you live on the west coast, Acapulco is closer (4 hours vs 7 hours from LA/SF).

If you decide to go to Acapulco, I highly recommend the Westin Las Brisas. They have rooms where you can have your on private pool, they have their own beach club with two natural pools (seawater), they put on their own fiesta each week on site, and are designed specifically for honeymooners or those celebrating anniversaries. The only other places worth going to would be the Acapulco Princess or Fairmont Pierre Marques. All of these places are expensive, but worth the cost.

If you are going to Cancun, I would highly recommend either the Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach or the RIU resort if you want to swim the beach, the Hilton if you want to golf, or the Marriott or Le Meridian on the east side for luxury with the pools.

I guess my suggestion would be Cancun--because there is more to do there and you can probably get by on less money, but it's a very, very close call.


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cancun is fresh and blue with white sand beaches. it is considered part of the Caribbean. if $$$ is no option the moon palace is very romantic and secluded from the noisy non-romantic strip.

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My vote is Cancun. Acapulco was the hotspot in the mid 80's. The more modern spot is Cancun. Much better beach, and a pretty exciting nightlife. Not to mention a lot more history of earlier Mexico. Acapulco has few select resorts that are nice, but all in all Cancun has more to offer.


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I really do apreciate the replies and I was leaning towards Acapulco at first but I think that just changed.

Thank You