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There was a boy who was killed due to faulty pool construction at the resort Xcaret. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter vacations possibly in thought this tragedy is something that you should be aware of. insideedition/Resort Tragedy.htm Montel google brent midlock. This will allow you to make an informed decision when planning a trip to the Riveria Maya Mexico.

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Hi Peggy,

There have been several threads started already regarding this tragedy. Although it is indeed a very very sad story, I don't really think this forum should be used over and over again to bring it up. It's starting to seem like spam of some form whereby other hotel owners keep bringing it up and that is surely not the result anyone involved would like to portray. I am sure it isn't but I think you should be aware of this.

Any new threads regarding this will be deleted, but feel free to add your thoughts to the existing threads on this matter.


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Only one comment and it is about safety when diving into swimming pools, the most common serious injury at swimming pools is striking your head on the pool bottom, even competent swimmers do this and regretably it sometimes has tragic paraplegic results.
The simple technique of keeping your arms fully extended over your head until you have returned to the surface protects your head and neck.
Sorry if this is inappropriate but I have seen the tragic results and as a swimming coach thought it would help holiday swimmers. I agree with everything Sam has said and I do think some items are repeated too often even in the interest of safety.

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Good point. I actually dove into a river once that was really really shallow. Smacked my head on a rock and had to have quite a few stitches but I consider myself lucky because it could easily have ended up worse!