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I hear a World Cup event, is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Chances are, my job will not let me go for the full duration. Is it better to go for the opening? Or maybe the final rounds?


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If we are talking about Soccer and the upcoming World Cup in South Africa:

I suggest you first try to get tickets, then when you know that you can get in to see a game make travel plans. The date of the game for which you (maybe) manage to get tickets should determine when to go.

As German I could not really avoid the World Cup in 2006, I experienced first hand what was going on with the tickets sales, thus my above advice.

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I think your best bet is to start with the tickets. The final rounds will probably be the most difficult/expensive to get tickets for, especially since no one knows exactly who will be in them. You probably have a better chance at some of the opening matches. Since the teams are still in qualifications, lotto ticket holders don't yet know what teams they will see. You should be able to pick up some from these people if they don't want tickets for some of the games they chose by date. You can also buy ticket packages which follow your country.

Keep in mind, accommodations are already filling up, particularly in the smaller areas around Nelspruit and Rustenburg. We have friends who are staying in White River (about an hour away) for their game in Nelspruit, and this was booked back in April when they found out what tickets/dates they got in the lotto. Your better bet is to shoot for tix in the bigger cities. Of course, if money is not an issue, then you'll have a much easier chance at finding what you want. But if you can go, it will definitely be an incredible experience! Good luck!

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Thank you both for the advice!

I am not too concern about the games. I am more interested in the vibe the games give out. I can always get lucky on a ticket or catch a game @ the local pub. I think the opening week would be a better option for me.


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oh, then you are definitely in for a great time! pretty much any pub you go into should be full of interesting characters! i would imagine too, that you'll be able to pick up a ticket or two at a bigger match in joburg or cape town. There are two stadiums in jobug. One in the city center, Ellis Park. and another in Soweto...which should be quite an experience! Just be sure to be safe if you go there, as in organize your transportation or hook up with some other travelers. cape town is such an easy city to get around and amazingly beautiful. very easy to just hit the ground running. joburg is a little trickier, but still has an incredible vibe. flight tix are starting too book up as well, so you might want to start checking out your options. good luck! you can't go wrong.

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Welcome to South Africa 2010 world cup. I would like to just tell you in Africa the World Cup is the biggest thing to ever happen, soccer here unites all the people in this great continent. Definately you cannot mis out on this amazing occassion.

My advice to you is get tickets for this occasion for the games that you think will be amazing to you. After getting yourself the tickets you need to organize accomodation.

South Africa is expecting about 500,000 fans so accomodation will be an issue you need to book early to avoid dissapointments.

I would prefer if you had your games in Cape town , Port Elizabeth and Jo Burg here you would enjoy yourself.

This world cup is a showcase of Africa you will enjoy yourself in the Pubs and in the beutyful designed stadiums plus you can combine it with a safari to the Kruger National Park.

A week or two will be best for you if you dont want to loose your job.

Welcome to South Africa 2010:)

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And if Ireland beat France to qualify it'll be even better...