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1. Posted by Megabus (Budding Member 2 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi, me and 3 mates are planning a roadtrip of europe in the easter and were just looking for some info. i will try to post the itinerary we have so far. i hav been told by alot of people that they think i am doing too much driving because i will be doing most if not all of it. this is because i hav a fast car that my other friends cannot get insurance on.
anyway, it would be nice to get some advice, thanks


i cant post the program so i will write the journey


2. Posted by Peter (Admin 6420 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hey Ben,

How long are you going for? And why are you going to Paris twice? Depending on how long you have, it doesn't seem to bad a drive to me.

3. Posted by Megabus (Budding Member 2 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Hi Peter!

we are trying to do it all in 3 weeks tops. we are going to paris twice because we want to pick up some alcohol and that, but dont want to carry loads around europe in the car!!

also, does anyone have any advice they would give to a first time europe driver? i hav the laws, but if there is anything i shud know that would be a great help

cheers pal

4. Posted by markie (Budding Member 9 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

Earlier this year I had a drive round Europe. Started off from Kent and went to meet up with mates at the Munich beer festival (900 miles). After a few days I went down through Austria/Switzerland over the alps to Italy and stayed near Venice for a few days. After that I headed across to Monaco, Nice and Cannes. Then the hard slog back up to Calais.
Over 12 days I did 2,555 miles and got the car up over 9,000 feet!!! Damn good fun. I drive a Mazda 323 V6 ZXi which is happy at well over 100mph all day long and comfortable on motorways.

France: It has no speed cameras, but a massive beware for the traffic police, they will have you! Road signs are fine apart from around Strasbourg. Its a nightmare there. There are lots of stopoff points on the French motorways and most are clear. Watch out, the cost of the motorway tolls can add up. From Nice back to Calais was about €35.00.

Germany: Not all autobahns are unrestricted and some of those that are only have two lanes. As I found driving along at 130mph and a lorry pulls out in front of you!!!!! Road signs are okay.

Switzerland: To use the motorways you are meant to buy a pass. I didnt bother and had no problems, but just beware. Road signs okay.


French are no different from us really, fast and slow.

Germans/Austrians, You vill be publically humiliated if you get in zee wrong lane. You must drive at zee speed limit! You can be doing 100 and a merc will be 2 feet behind you.

Italians: All Italians only have one speed and thats flatout regardless of where it is and what they are driving! You can be doing 100 and a lancia will be 2 feet behind you, then you find a fiat nipping into the 2 feet gap!!!!!

I personally worked on a cycle of......
2 hour drive and a 15>30 minute break
2 hour drive and a 60 minute break
2 hour drive and a 15>30 minute break
2 hour drive and a proper break of sleep

My drive back from Venice to Calais via Nice was about 1,200 miles and I did it in just over 24 hours. My advice is dont even try it, it is a killer!!!!

To cross the channel I found cheapest was to use the tunnel. They have a scheme of going out after 5:00PM and returning however many days later before 11:00AM and it costs £100. Cheapest I found on the ferry was about £150.

Fuel generally is between 20% and 35% cheaper than UK prices.

If you have any specific questions you think I can help, just ask away.